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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Diwali Celebrations - Beautify Your Home and Don't Burn Crackers!

A lot of colours and bright light that's how we celebrated our diwali!!...Just like last year diwali it was loads of fun without any fireworks. Yes, our family boycotted fireworks we, celebrated diwali the old traditional way by making rangoli and lighting candles, diya's, floating candles, chinese wishing lanterns.

Though these wishing lanterns are called chinese but actually they are pretty much a part of our tradition. Our ancestors use to light these floating lanterns in the olden time however the madness and colours of firecrackers had made the indian people loose interest in it them but we are going back to square one.

The sad part is that China is helping us to remember our traditions and not the indian manufacturers. This year there was a steep fall in the usage and purchase of firecrackers. People have got back to their senses and have realized that burning firecrackers is like burning your cash and that too with noise pollution that's all. This year people of india celebrated Diwali by spending on themselves and their family and gifting each other a better quality of life.

Every year because of the noise pollution of these crackers, birds get a heart attack an die, pet dogs and cats run away, street dogs go through insufferable pain and people suffering from asthma get an attack or have difficulty in breathing and not to forget that young children work in factories as labour to manufacture these crackers many of them never see daylight again, as they get burned in accidental fire at these factories evert year.

I posted pictures of Diwali, and how we celebrated it this year and without any firecrackers and it was an amazingly beautiful way to enjoy!

Diwali Pooja

Bhairo Baba Pooja - LOL!! That's Sohrab my adorable lab!!

Diwali Collage.

Alta on Feet and Anklets

Alta Feet and Anklets

Floating Candles:


Both of Us:

Chinese Wishing Lanterns:

Quick Make A Wish!!


Crystal Diya:

Decorative Lantern:

More Wishing Lanterns:

The wishing lantern's were most amazing thing this year. All of us at home really enjoyed lighting them it was more fun then bursting crackers any day.  I highly recommend you all to light these wishing lanterns on next Diwali.

 "A Very Happy Diwali To You All Once Again!!"


  1. just how you make those air balloons? its a nice gesture of sending message to all

    1. These are Chinese lanterns and are easily available in the market during Diwali!!

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