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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Christmas Stocking Social Networking Icons - Deck The Halls - Freebies!!

In case you are planning to create a new look for your website or blog, this Christmas then there are a lot of freebies available on the web. I myself was able to procure a .AI file which I later converted according to my need and the original file images are like the ones below:

This file is available on Smashing as Smashing Christmas Icon Set - Dock the Halls!


I really want to Thank the designer Paddy Donnelly for uploading the .AI File because of which I was able to create few new ones by editing the original ones. You can download this set or the .AI file to create your own icons like the one's I have created below:


 Christmas Stocking Icons Large:


 Christmas Stocking Icons Small:

As you can see, I already have this stockings up and running on my blog as the new social network- king icons on the top right hand side with the new subscribe me banner also created with the help of Illustrator. You can also "Right click "on these icons - then a new window will pop up- "Left click"- Save as!!

" I hope you enjoy using these icons available on Smashing Merry "X" Mas to all of you!!"

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