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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Cake Express - Designer Cake, Photo Cupcakes, Dolce' Amante and Andy's Birthday!!

Andy's Birthday was on the 22nd and it was blast like always!!.... I ordered a cake for him from the Cake Express plus Photo Cupcakes... he love them all, I must say that the quality of Cake Express, Saket has improved and their cakes taste really good...

Here, are few pictures from his birthday!!!

Archies Pop - Up Card!!!

Archies - Musical - Dancing - Dog- Card!!

Delicious - Fresh - Chocolates from the DOLCE' AMANTE!!

I discovered a new bakery called - DOLCE' AMANTE in Green Park, I must say that they make delicious Cakes, Brownies, Biscuits, Breads, Chocolates and they also have a Tea boutique which is a must try!!

We tried the Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut  Flavour and I must say they are one of the most delicious and creamy chocolates that we ever tasted!!

I never liked dark chocolates, till I tasted the ones from DOLCE' AMANTE!!

Photo Cup Cakes from The CAKE EXPRESS!!

Pretty cupcakes.................

 He loves them, too....

Designer Cake from Cake Express...


I got the cake made by The Cake express, Saket with all  the favourites things of Anirudh, His Mac Laptop, Watch, Our beloved dog - Shoraab, I phone and a coffee mug...

How to make your Dog, Sneaky & Greedy - Step By Step Guide !!

Here, our some pictures of our beloved spoilt doggy - Sohraab, I caught him sneaking up on the cake!!...

 Barbeque on Birthday!!

Andy loves Barbeque food, so we cooked up some nice and delicious barbeque chicken...

 Birthday Cake All Lit UP!!

And the Confetti!!

I would highly recommend cakes and chocolates from DOLCE' AMANTE and Designer Cakes from The Cake Express!!

Andy's Birthday was a Blast!!


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