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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sampoorna Laxmi Pooja Pack by Cycle Agarbathies: A must buy for Diwali pooja.

Why do Pooja? 

Because everyone has a reason pray.

A short while spent in sincere prayer and thoughts of divinity helps maintain man in a state of peace, contentment and happiness.

Self realisation is important and each pooja performed step by step forward is a self realisation in itself!

The conduct of pooja: 

Pooja/ Prayer/Worship must be performed with devotion, sincerity, clean body and mind.

About the Lakshmi Pooja Pack:

Lakshmi Pooja Pack is a pack containing everything that you would need to perform the Lakshmi Pooja on this DIWALI.

In today's time celebrations have become more personal and special as you can conduct the Pooja yourself!. Most of the times young couples are posted abroad or in other parts of India away from parents therefore they do not the the correct process of Laxmi pooja on Diwali or are unable to procure all items for pooja as they generally unavailable or you just don't know about it. Only the Pandits know the correct process of pooja and are well versed with the shrotas/ chants that you need recite during pooja.

Laxmi pooja is a very important one on diwali as it is believed in all Hindu scriptures that Laxmi Maa visits our home on Diwali to only those selected few who pray to her with purest of the heart and keep their surroundings and home clean. She specifically showers wealth on her true devotees who pray to her with full devotion and clean heart by chanting and reading Laxmi Chalisa for Diwali poojan.

We somehow are unable to do this, simply because the younger generation is completely unaware of the correct process of pooja or we just can't afford a pandit / purohit to do a pooja for us but this year we need not suffer as Cycle Pure Agarbathies now brings to you Sampoorna Lakshmi Pooja Pack that helps you perform Lakshmi Pooja anytime and anywhere.

The Lakshmi Pooja Pack is an easy-to-use pooja pack that is specially designed to perform Lakshmi Pooja this festive season. I received Laxmi Pooja Pack from Cycle Agarbathis ( and I was quite surprised with quality and quantity of materials packed in this pooja kit. The moment I opened this pack I felt like as if I was already sitting in temple and my entire room was full of fragrance and there are certain items that I have never even seen or even heard off. I am sure that If I tried to purchase all these items from the market it would have definitely costed me more that 630/- INR  and I wouldn't have been able procure them as well because I am sure most of shopkeepers don't even know about them and only pooja samagri shops might know a bit. At the Special Price of 630/- this pooja pack is a steal!!.

This pack embraces all the important prerequisites required for your Lakshmi pooja and contains the following items and not only that they serial numbered as 1-2-3 so that we use the pooja samigiri accordingly and do not make a mistake. Thus, it makes laxmi puja easier to understand.

The Kit Includes:


Idols of Laxmi and Ganesh
Cup Sambrani/ Agarbathi holder
Deepam (12 Diya's)
Match Box (Large matchsticks 1-1/2 inch each so that you don't burn your fingers)
Peetha for Ganesh
Peetha for Laxmi
Rangoli Stencil - 1
Decorative Rangoli -1
Shubh Labh Stickers - 3
Pooja Akshataa (Pooja Rice Yellow and White)
Haridraa (Turmeric)
Kumkumam (Sindoor)
Gandha Tablets
Dhoopam / Dhoop -three in one agarbathi pack.
Pugi Phala
Gajje Vastram (Large)
Gajje Vastram (Small)
Kanchuki (Vastram For Laxmi Maa)
Yagnopavita For Laxmi
Kajjala/ Kajal
Kapooraam/ Kapoor
Kapooram Arti holder
Special Agarbathi Pack contains six special agarbathi's
Lotus shaped floating candle -1
Ganga Jal
Soubhaya Alankara - Kumkum & Haridra in Decorative form placed on a shell.
Bangles (miniature)
Nose stud
Audio CD - with all the
chants and the step by step process of puja. 
Sampoorna Laxmi pooja booklet- its a little red book which has all the chants and the process of Laxmi puja explained step by step.

Pictures of some of the products included Sampoorna Lakshmi Pooja Kit:

Sampoorna Lakshmi Pooja Kit.

Booklet and CD.

Peetha for Lakshmi and Ganesh.

Large Match Box.

Rangoli stencil and decorative rangoli.

Floating candle and Sobhagya alankara.

Ganga Jal and Arti Holder

The Sampoorna Lakshmi Pooja Pack comprises up to 30 pooja elements in the pack that make Pooja easy-anytime and anywhere. The Pooja Pack encompasses an exclusive audio CD to guide us on how to perform Lakshmi Pooja this Diwali; it includes all the necessary chants in English and Sanskrit rendered by a purohit for performing the pooja. This pack comes with an instructional booklet scripted in 6 languages, with options to recite the shlokas along with a CD. The CD has 2 types of tracks, one with softer volume for those who would want to repeat the shlokas while performing the Pooja the other being a continuous track. This is a simple and effortless yet complete way of performing pooja offered in a convenient pack by Cycle Pure Agarbathies. This comprehensive pooja pack is all that you need to perform your rituals to the divine being, anywhere with your family or by yourself.

The Lakshmi Pooja pack is priced at Rs.700, available on a special price at Rs.630/-. Packs are available for sale at with free shipping and COD for those buying this pack online.

Cycle Pure, believes that no matter who you are or where you're from Everyone has a reason to pray and everyone has the right to know about the correct process of Laxmi Pooja at home and to conduct it by themselves. Why should we always dependent on purohits? The younger generation has right to know about Sampoorna Laxmi Pooja so that they can pass on this valuable information about our culture and heritage to our coming generations.
This year lets rediscover the thoughts behind certain rituals and redefine them as you celebrate Diwali on 3rd Nov 2013. This product is Indeed a must buy!

Price: 750/- INR  10% Discount, Special Price for Diwali 630/-
Rating: 5 stars


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