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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cause 4 Paws - Season 2

Hello, there everyone!! I am here give you a sneak preview of the Cause 4 Paws - Season 2 which took place at Select City Walk Saket, New Delhi on the 5th and 6th of October 2013.

The Cause 4 Paws Season 2 event was organised by The Sanjay Gandhi Foundation for Animals and Partners Heads Up for Tails. This event was for the social cause of rehabilitating dogs who have no home and to collect donations for the in cash or kind such as Old Doggie Coats, Vessels, Food, Chain, Leash, Collar or a minimum donation of 350/- for one month supply of food. Just like last year the event was a success.

Other Attractions were:

  • A film shown on dogs titled as "A man's best friend turned to the streets."
  • A fabulous dog show by Police Dogs and Officers.
  • A display of painting for dogs which was available for sale at 4000/- each.
  • Buy Toys and Food for your pet stall.
  • Doggie Dabba Stall.
  • And Sponsor a Dog Drive.

Toy Stall - All non toxic.

Puppies for Adoption.

 Heads Up For Tails - Donation Box!

Paintings on display.

Paintings on display.

Paintings on display.

Paintings on display.
  Friendly Dobermans a rare sight.

I reached there in the evening at 4pm on the 5th of October to check out the donation stall as I had an old coat of my dog, a collar and a leash which he did not wear anymore - "The spoilt brat got fatter!!"...  I decided to donate it so that it can be of some use for a dog who doesn't have a home or loving family. I did find two donation centers there one was outside at the puppy adoption center by The Sanjay Gandhi Foundation and other was set up by Heads Up For Tails inside the mall right next to Starbucks.

I also had catching up to do with shopping so, I first donated the items at the pet stall and then I went window shopping for my husband as he wanted to know if there was a sale up yet at Armani exchange or Calvin Klein?.. surprisingly there was no sale!!. By the time I was over with my window shopping it was already time for "The Dog show" which I was eagerly waiting for and at exactly 5:20 pm The Dog Show started, Labrador's accompanied by one Cocker Spaniel dressed in officer coat's marched in with there head's held high with there fellow human police officers or companions.

Playing Dead.

Eating food only on command.

Sniffing for Bomb... Yeah, She got it!!

 Yes, he can do circus tricks too..

Waiting for orders.

It was was worth the wait as they actually looked too cute dressed as officer's as they march in with synchronization. left.. right ..left !!, They were so well trained as they marched in and took positions there coats were taken off so that the dog show could begin. The first round of dog show was of obedience and they were given a few commands to speak and not speak and they did exactly as they were told and march in circles around there officers while they stood still and vice - verse. The main purpose was to display obedience.

After that was the "deny food round" in which all of the Labrador's were offered food and they refused to eat it as it was the command given to them and they actually did deny eating till they were allowed to eat.. hat's off to there trainers for that because  I have a Labrador dog called "Sohraab" and he is extremely greedy, he will never refuse food!!!...The other two rounds were for "searching narcotics and bombs" in which both the Labradors excelled in off course I was not surprised as Labradors have the most superior sense of smell among all the breeds of dogs.

The show carried on in which these officer dogs performed tricks of various kind to leave us all spellbound....once the dog show was over all of us were invited to pose with the dogs and get our picture's clicked and pet them. All these officer dogs were not only obedient but extremely friendly, within few seconds they surrounded by hundred's of human admirers who were watching them pretty closely from the last one hour.

"Click my picture please!!" said everyone posing with each dog one by one .. and these dogs loved the attention and few them started jumping around as they were a having a lot of fun as well. For all who missed out on the Cause 4 Paws event I would suggest that please do attend it next year it is lot of fun to see our fellow furry officers perform. Trust me it will be worth the wait!!

 Gagan -The Police Officer...

 Posing with Gagan.

 Take my Picture Please!!

The Cocker Spaniel.

If you still wish to make a donation or Adopt a PET you can do so at the Sanjay Gandhi Foundation or contact Heads Up For Tails at Select City Walk, New Delhi. I am sure they will be delighted to receive your donations in kind or cash and they would love it even more if you adopt a homeless dog!

I donated a coat, a leash, a collar and 350/- cash for one month supply of food.....Help Dogs to HELP Themselves!!

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