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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ammonia Free Is Not Damage Free Unveiled by Wella Professionals!!

It was a beautiful Saturday Morning, when I was invited to the Blogger's Meet @ Wella International Studio on the 28th of September, 2013 at the Select City Walk Mall, Saket which is also the the 7th largest studio in the world. This was a event was organised by Ripple Links and Wella Professionals (A famous brand under P&G) for Leading Bloggers in our country to spread the truth about hair colour.

Wella Professionals unveils that Ammonia free hair color is not damage free.

Bollywood Diva, Shraddha Kapoor encourages Delhi women to discover the truth about hair color & ask for Superior damage protection vs Ammonia free color.

Shradhha Kapoor - The brand ambassador for Wella in India.

Maria Castan with Shraddha Kapoor.

Global Sr. Scientist for colour and styling brands "Maria Castan" welcomed us all @ The Studio and also informed us that they have launched there facebook page for "Wella India" on 28th of September as well which you all should definitely take a look at and Please "Like" and leave your comments too.

Maria has studied Bio-Chemistry from Spain and now lives in Germany working with the R&D Department of P&G. She said that she has travelled to India to inform us about the hidden signs and myths about hair colouring and to discover a new culture.

This meet was about "The Truth About Hair Colour" and "The Myths of Hair Colouring" as Wella believes that a lot of women around the world carry misconceptions about hair colouring.

These days hair colouring brands are advertising a lot about "Ammonia Free Hair Colours" and the consumers believe these advertisements and the celebrities endorsing it and consider them SAFE. They also consider Ammonia Free hair colouring brands far more superior than other hair colours with Ammonia and consider Ammonia as a "Villain" or "Bad Man".

                                       Whereas this is vice - verse!!

Since Ammonia Free colours are in vogue these days. Wella thought it was important to make today's women aware of the consequences.
"The Truth is Ammonia Free is not Damage free and can actually damage your hair more than a hair colour that is with Ammonia.  Ammonia Free hair colour does not smell strong as they have replaced ammonia with another similar active ingredient which does not have an odour and has a far more damaging effect than Ammonia."

Wella Professionals & Bollywood Diva, Shraddha Kapoor revolutionized, redefined and reinvented the mind sets of Delhi women by bursting the traditional myths surrounding hair color and educating them about the truth behind hair color. 

Wella Professionals has been at the international forefront of color innovation for over 133 years. The brand believes in providing superior hair protection & color results, hence hair damage is a very crucial aspect which cannot be ignored. After extensive research and analysis, Wella has decided NOT to go down the path of “no-ammonia” for our permanent hair color.   

History Of Wella

 Watch the History of Wella with an interesting Video :)

Wella is an German Company and one the world's largest cosmetic suppliers.

  • Founded in 1880 by Franz Stroher launched Tullemoid waterproof that made wigs more secure and waterproof. 
  • In 1904 Franz Stroher build his business on the basis of two key values -"Vision and Innovation." 
  • In 1920's Strohler sons create a new product to create permanent waves in hair and give company a name "WELLA."
  • In 1930's perm or permanent waves becomes the biggest fashion trend and then the company invents the world's smallest perming machine.
  • In 1940's after world war two Wella's East Germany factory was seized and declared state owned however they did not give up and started their production again in 1945 and the company thrives.
  • In 1950's Wella Pioneer's the industry revolution and The First Invention of Permanent Cream Hair Colour takes place as Koleston Perfect. The world falls in love with it and there is colour everywhere.
  • In 1960's women begin to experiment more with themselves and Wella Privet is launched exclusively for saloon's.
  • In 1970's Women experimented their looks with perming; The first production of Wella Shampoo takes place and the Hairspray is Born.
  • In 1980's Wella Celebrates it's 100th Birthday and the trade expands.
  • In 1990's Wella discovers fruit wax a new ingredient.
  • In 2000's The company expands throughout Asia/Pacific, bringing hair innovation to the four corners of the globe.

Today it is represented in 150 countries. In 2003 P&G acquired Wella with it's headquarters is in Darmstadt, Germany.

So, first lets talk about the type of hair colours available in the market and what are components of hair colour that make the colour to settle down on your hair.

Available in Market

Semi permanent Demi Permanent Permanent
They wash away in 6-8 washes. They wash away in 24 washes. Works deep inside the hair follicle.
Covers Grey. Covers 100% Grey.
Grows out with the Hair.
Better Hair Protection.

It is always better to go for a Permanent hair colour rather than going for a Semi or Demi Permanent as it will stay longer on your hair and eventually grow out whereas in the other case it is not worth the money, it's time consuming and since you have keep reapplying them more frequently they damage your hair more than a permanent hair colour. If you have any allergies with hair colour it is better to visit a dermatologist.

Secondly, What are the components of the hair colour that make it work?

Components of Hair Colour
                                                            Tints Developer
Dye Alkalizer Oxidant
Mix of dye to create dye shade Ammonia or MEA Hydrogen Peroxide
PH  raised 5.5 to 10.11 Reaction
The Ph level is raised to make the hair follicle swell and to get the hair colour inside and longer hair colour. The developer which has hydrogen peroxide reacts with Ammonia or MEA so that the colour would develop as it is required for the reaction to take place.

What Are the Components of Hair Colour?

A hair colour or tint comprises of a dye (which is the shade that you would be applying eg: dark brown) + Ammonia or MEA (which is an alkaliser) now this hair colour is mixed with a developer which contains "Hydrogen Peroxide"  and that reacts with the dye to develop the colour.

How does Ammonia work?


The Job of Ammonia is to swell the hair follicle so that the colour can set deep inside and stay there it does this by raising the PH Level of the hair from 5.5 to 10.11; This process makes sure that the colour stays on hair for a longer period of time. so, ammonia works as a alkaliser and is a part of the tint or dye colour that you purchase. So, every time to apply hair colour with ammonia you will have to mix it with a developer which contains "Hydrogen Peroxide" which reacts with the hair dye and creates the hair colour. So, it is very important ingredient of the hair colouring process and It is not the ammonia that damages the hair but often the wrong combination of ammonia with peroxide when mixed in higher concentrations.

Ammonia VS MEA
Ammonia  MEA
Lighten For lightening - Ammonia is required When lightening is not required. MEA is used in higher concentration which damages the hair
Odour Ammonia evaporates when you colour so there is a odour. MEA stays on hair until completely washed away so there is no odour.
Ease of Washing Ammonia is volatile and is naturally washed out of hair. MEA is hard to wash out especially when it is applied to your hair in higher concentrations.

Ammonia v/s No Ammonia- The Science:  Every permanent hair color needs an active ingredient, called “alkalizer”, so that the hair color can enter the hair cuticles and color it. Ammonia is the most common alkalizer which has been safely used in hair coloring for 50 years.

Certain permanent hair colors - sometimes referred to as “no-ammonia” or “ammonia-free” often use another alkalizer called “MEA” instead of using ammonia, MEA is not a new technology. Demi/Semi-permanent colors have been using MEA for more than 20 years in a safe way.  However, some permanent hair color brands, in order to get rid of ammonia & its smell, have also started using MEA. But MEA is used in much higher concentration by these brands as it’s a less effective alkalizer for permanent hair coloring.  AND this can be much more damaging for your hair.

Whenever you replace you hair colour with a "Ammonia Free Hair Colour" you will experience far more damaging effects on your hair and This is the truth.

                          Ammonia Free is not Damage FREE!!

Maria Castan said,” Latest permanent color products claiming no or low ammonia typically replaces ammonia with another alkalizer, MEA. Neither MEA not Ammonia on their own are good or bad – it largely depends on the concentration of alkalizer (ammonia or MEA). We have also not seen any advantage of ammonia free permanent color products in terms of hair protection. This is evidenced by both internal and external test data we conducted, as part of our regular innovation benchmarking process”.

Shradhha Kapoor - The brand ambassador for Wella in India.

Shraddha Kapoor, Wella believer added, “Hair color is a very important part of my look &  to  change my looks from time to time, I was always scared to get my hair colored as like everyone else , I  also thought Ammonia is the most harmful ingredient which can damage my hair but because of Wella’s new campaign, ‘truth behind hair color’ I have understood how Ammonia free is not always damage free”.  In fact Wella colors provide superior damage protection color after color. I can vouch for it now & lab tests can prove it too.

So, make sure that whenever you go out to get a hair colour done it is done by a experienced hair professional like Wella International Studio in Select City Walk, New Delhi. An experienced hair colour professional will know to how to mix that correct ratio of Ammonia & Developer before they apply it on your hair and will make sure that your hair are more healthier than ever.

Watch Wella Trend Vision 2013 - The Sound of Colour.

WELLA Hair Colours

Wella Koleston Perfect Permanent Hair Colour

Wella Koleston Perfect is the latest technology by the Wella Professional Permanent Hair Colour line. It is more advanced than, but similar to Color Perfect. It has Ammonia and provides superior protection to your hair over damage as compared to other products in the market sold as Ammonia Free. Wella Koleston perfect protects natural lipids in your hair.

Koleston Perfect works on the latest Tricolour Technology:

  • Step 1: By raising the PH level from 5 to 10.11; It swells the hair.
  • Step 2: Penetrates the hair to lighten it.
  • Step 3: Lightens the hair and seals & protects for a longer lasting hair colour experience.

Koleston Perfect is available in many colours such as Reds, Browns, Special Blonde, Special mix, Pure Naturals and Rich naturals. 

Koleston Perfect is the backbone of Wella and approximately 100 million applications are used every year!

Wella Koleston Perfect has been certified by Institute of Trichologists London for that it provides superior damage protection.

Colour Touch Demi - Hair Colour: 

New Color Touch with LightColor complex puts the highest standards of technical excellence, delivering stunning levels of multifaceted color through its new Light2Color Complex.

This product is Ammonia Free.

Proven in extensive salon testing with more than 500 clients
· Improved color results: up to 57% more multifaceted color
· Improved tone durability: no tonal shifting
· Improved fragrance


New and remastered, Blondor brings you superior innovation to master the spectrum of blondes up to the most demanding coolest tones.

                                                      Wella Brilliance Shampoo: 

Is a hair colour protecting shampoo. Do use it whenever you shampoo your hair after you colour  by using this shampoo you shall add more shine to your hair and protection to your colour. So, that the hair colour stays longer and the damage is negligible.

About Wella Professionals

Wella, the Salon Professional division of P&G, is the premier name in professional hair cosmetics & pioneer of innovation and trend spotting. High-Quality, High-Performance and High-Fashion are three of the key reasons why its products are preferred by world's most renowned hairdressers. Wella Professionals contributes to enhancing the hairstyling profession and building a strong relationship with hairdressers with cutting edge technology, new initiatives and by offering comprehensive training programs for salon owners and their employees.

P&G Professional’s brands include Wella Professionals, Koleston Perfect, Colour Touch, System Professional, Sebastian Professional & many more. Superior products, inspiring education and unique salon business-building programs make Wella Professionals a world leader and expert in hair cosmetics and beauty.

Cruelty Free Update On Wella

Though P&G is listed as a not cruelty free brand on PETA list of companies. You will be happy surprised to know that Wella is not testing on animals for India as animal testing has been banned in India and the European Unions.

Wella is Testing for China as they demand data on animal testing before any product launched in their country. China has maintained it's status as a "Non Animal Lover" for many years now.

I would like to make a humble request to P&G and Wella to not market their product to China and bring an end to cruel animal testing procedures in Laboratories.

Bloggers Meet - 28th September @Wella International Studio Pictures

 On the stage with famous blogger's from the capital.


I have already advised my mother in law and mom that they should choose a permanent a hair colour with Ammonia like "Wella Koleston" whenever they colour next instead of using Ammonia free hair colours which have MEA. These colours which are marketed as Ammonia Free & Damage free is just a myth; The truth is that they damage your hair more and they completely agreed.


  • Ammonia is not the "Villain."
  • Ammonia Evaporates from hair when you colour that's why there is a foul odour.
  • Ammonia Free is not damage free and causes far more damage as it has an ingredient called as "MEA" which does not evaporates and it stays on the hair so it is hard to wash out and more damage happens to your hair.
  • All hair colours do some damage but a Permanent Hair Colour Like Wella Koleston provides superior damage protection.
  • Always get your hair colour done from an experienced hair colour professionals like at the one's at Wella International Studio at Select City Walk, Saket as it not the Ammonia that damages the hair but the high concentration of Ammonia with Hydrogen Peroxide.
  • An experienced professional will always know about the right mixture and ratio. They will apply it as carefully as possible so that your hair looks beautiful without damaging your scalp.
  • After you colour your hair use hair colour protecting shampoo like Wella Brilliance as your hair also need UVA/UVB protection just like your Skin and also for longer wearing time.
  • Take Care of Hair!

I Choose The Truth I Choose Wella... Now, You go ahead and spread the Truth!!

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