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Friday, August 30, 2013

Owwwwwww!! those corns.....

Did you women ever had those horrible corns?...Are do you have one?. These corns are not only painful but make your daily life a struggle specially if you have right at the bottom of your feet and even walking becomes troublesome....

I suffered from a most horrible, painful corn last year exactly at this time.. since it is monsoon again bacterias get a lot of time to grow on your feet as you walk on streets and you come in contact with dirty water. Often we are so busy that we don't get time to wash our feet in our office and college...

But there is a way to fight with these painful corns.....Here is the most embarrassing ugly picture of the corn I suffered from...

I used to wear toe protectors after applying salactin paint and corn removal strip to get rid of pain while walking.

My savior's.

My savior's.

My savior's.

 I have posted pictures of my savior's specially the "toe protectors" as they provide cushioning to your corn as a result do not feel any pain while walking...

Generally all doctor's and medical advisors tell you not wet your feet everyday if you want to get rid of the corn..however it is not practically possible as you a bath everyday water seems to seep in to anything you wrap your feet with while taking a bath.

The best way is to apply "Salactin Paint" or SALICYLIC ACID everyday on you corn it easily available at any chemist. It might sting a bit but it is only for your better as this burns your corn which eventually dissappers after applying for a month atleast...after that you can apply corn removal plasters in the morning and evening and a torn protector on top to provide cushioning to your toe or feet so that it doesn't pains when you walk...

Also wash your feet everyday or whenever you get in contact with dirty water..It would also be a good idea to dip your feet in water mixed with potassium permanganate.

 If you keep on carrying to this treatment everyday you will surely get rid of your painful corns...please carry on this for a month's time to get results. Some women might need more!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Haute Couture KAFTAN!!

Haute Couture Kaftan!!.....Yes, this is a fabulous "Kaftan" hand embroidered with sequins and stitched at "Ambiance Kreators". You can wear this Kaftan at Weddings, Celebrations or Probably on your own Anniversary. It also makes a nice outfit for any special evening.

The advantage of wearing this outfit is that "less is more" you don't need to accessorize much with it and no matter what shape and size you are or no matter how tall or short you are it will flatter any figure!!
I would call this Kaftan a fabulous Haute Couture dress when customized according to your size!!....

The advantage of wearing this outfit is that "less is more" you don't need to accessorize much with it and no matter what shape and size you are or no matter how tall or short you are it will flatter any figure!!

Availability: On Appointment Only!
Price: 30,000/- INR / $483 U.S.
Location: Gymkhana Club, New Delhi
Rating: Fabulous!!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Bride Of The Month - Ms. Shweta Bhojak

Congratulations to Ms. Shweta Bhojak for her Bridal Shower / Mehendi Ceremony which is today on 16th of August 13' at the Crown Plaza, New Delhi.

Shweta belongs to New York and is a romantic at heart and has very interesting love story. She got married five years ago in U.S. Since there was no formal wedding in India their families decided to have formal wedding in India after five years of her marriage!! :)) Wow, she gets to get married again!!!

Every Girl should get that chance to get married again and to do it all over again... and the second time a better wardrobe!! *wink lol, not to forget all shopping - shoes, jewellery and bags....oh la la!!..

I met her yesterday and she looked very excited at the same time she was feeling shy and was little shaken up!! Wedding's do that to women..

Left to Right: Me, The Bride: Shweta, Her Makeup Artist: Neetu

Shweta wanted a very elegant yet simple design. Her choice was the design below shown in the picture

 And, Here's her set which is wearing today for her bridal shower....

She also ordered a Bridal Bouquet to complement her lehenga. The bouquet is made with Carnations and Roses encrusted with crystals and pearls.....

I am sure she will grace us by sending her Mehendi pictures which i will be posting soon as I receive them....


Saturday, August 10, 2013

♡ ♡ ♡ My Interview with Wedding Vows Magazine -VOL3 | ISSUE6 | AUGUST 2013 ♡ ♡ ♡

Yes, We got Published... Surabhi's Floral Jewellery is not only being loved by brides but also Wedding Vows is loving it (A PAN INDIA MAGAZINE). In case you buy a Wedding Vows Magazine -VOL3 | ISSUE6 | AUGUST 2013. You can read my interview and see some of designs ...

Wedding Vows is a Magazine committed to spread information about weddings and upcoming designers. It's a great honour to be featured and being interviewed by the magazine as a designer working on Floral Jewellery.

Below are the scanned copies.

The Cover of the Magazine with Parvathy Omanakuttan.

Lol, And even Deepika Padukone is Rocking it on the back cover with floral hair piece for Chennai Express with Shahrukh Khan.

 Wedding Vows Magazine -VOL3 | ISSUE6 | AUGUST 2013

"Interview taken by Arwa Hamzaa copywriter from the Wedding Vows Magazine"

1.       How did you get into floral jewellery design? 

 I saw a lot bollywood beauties dressing up with floral Jewellery on their Mehendi day. One of the most talked about wedding was of Aishwarya Rai in 2007 and I think she looked really pretty dressed up in floral jewellery more over it was a gift from her in - laws which was a very beautiful gesture and on my wedding 2010 I was planning to wear floral jewellery however I was not able to find anyone who would design it for me.  It was in 2012 that I got the idea for floral Jewellery for my sister- in- laws mehendi and I contacted some Floral Jewellery designers, they were surprisingly overpriced.  So, I thought that I would rather design floral Jewellery myself and I got Floral Jewellery made as per my requirement  after that I posted the pictures of the event on my blog sparklewithsurabhi  and compliments poured in.  Many would be brides contacted me to design their floral Jewellery for them.

I am an accidental Floral Jewellery Designer and I am also a Fashion Designer and I run a Boutique called “Ambiance Kreators” with my mother- in- law Mrs. Mohinder Kaur Lal in Sarv Priya Vihar, New Delhi. We Specialise in Bridal Couture and Western Wear.  After continuous calls and compliments I thought why not make Ambiance Kreators a one stop shop for brides? And decided to start designing floral jewellery for Brides as well by the brand name “Surabhi’s Floral Jewellery” as Surabhi means Fragrance of a flower and that’s also my name.

2.       What do you love most about designing and creating your own floral jewellery?

Every Individual is Unique and hence every bride wants to look unique on that particular day. The best part about designing floral Jewellery for a bride is to enhance the uniqueness of the bride through floral jewellery which adds to her eloquence. I get to design it for a special bride and make her feel really happy.  “Spreading joy is truly is the most beautiful feeling in the world!”

3.       What are some of your favorite flowers to work with and create with?

Dodi and Mogra are my forever favourites as they look pretty on any bridal outfit or any colour combinations. They look extremely delicate in any kind of setting with any kind of combination of flowers.

4.       What is your process in creating these pieces?

First of all you have to make sure what the bride would like to wear. If she wants to look very traditional or she would like to experiment with colours and designs. For fresh floral jewellery you need craftsmen who can understand your designs and bring them to reality each and every piece of flower needs to be beaded carefully along with crystals, pearls or golden beads.  This is a very long and laborious process. Since the design is very intricate and delicate it requires a lot of hard work and patience above all it requires a vision that can be brought into reality.

5.       Where do you get the inspiration for your designs?

If you carefully notice pictures of our Hindu deities, you will see that they are always adorned with the most beautiful floral jewellery pieces. Nature in itself is very perfect if we stop and observe the beauty around us it is very inspirational and flowers as it is are very beautiful and they require vision to make them even better.

6.       What have you learned over the course of being a floral jewellery designer?

Floral Jewellery has many dimensions that can fit into different events one must choose very carefull y which flowers are fitting for the occasion now; we in Delhi for example have extreme weather so we have to choose many aspects such as life of the flowers, the time of the occasion, and for which occasion. In the process we have learnt that these attributes are very important for floral jewellery.

7.       If you could sum up the look and aesthetic of your designs in three words, what would they be and why?

Beautiful, Simple and Pious.  Beautiful because they good to look and complement any wedding attire whether western or Indian, Simple because they enhance the beauty of the bride naturally and Pious because they are pure and the make environment fragrant and happy.

8.       Do you envision people wearing your jewellery when you work on designs?

Yes, it very important to know that how the bride would want to look like and what is her mindset ; Also what her wedding outfit  is and colour combinations are like and then the designs are created.

9.        How are brides responding to this new trend in jewellery?

Brides are extremely excited about floral Jewellery. I have been receiving calls and e-mails and from all over the country and even some who live in abroad and are planning to get married in India. They want to know how these designs will look like and how much would it cost them.  I am very inspired by the response that I am getting.

10.   Is any particular flower or design in vogue with brides this season?

Dodi flowers with beads will remain always in vogue also Carnations with beads look extremely beautiful. Some of the brides are looking forward to wear tiaras, crowns or floral Headband & floral chains instead of Mang tikka this season.

11.   Do you think this new trend will catch on with the brides in the future? 

This is not a new trend it was always a part of culture however people forgot and now they have realized what our traditions are. It is mentioned in Ramayana that when Shri Ram, Laxman, and Sita were sent to a exile for 14 years. They were devoid of worldly pleasures and sita ji used decorate herself with floral Jewellery which she used to bead every day.

Today, more brides are interested to wear floral designs made with fresh or artificial flowers.  In the future floral jewellery made with artificial flowers will turn out to be a cheaper alternative.  I am currently working on a few designs but at them same time they can never take the charm of the real floral jewellery.

12.   For what functions do brides usually wear floral jewellery?

Mehendi is the most popular event for Floral Jewellery also Haldi won’t be a bad idea but it is better not to wear fresh floral jewellery on that day as they can get spoiled by haldi or ubtan also Sangeet ceremony is a good idea.

13.   What are some new pieces you are working on? 

I am working on artificial floral Jewellery as they are more colourful and cheaper alternative to fresh floral jewellery they look pretty much the same in pictures and sometimes even better than fresh floral jewellery and off course since they won’t wilt you can keep on repeating them on other events in family. You can try multiple colour combinations with them and also bead them with crystals, Pearls and Multi coloured beads, Swarovski’s can also be used.  Also I am working on crown and floral headbands made with fresh flowers as some of the bride wanted to add a vintage look to her attire.

14.   What are your plans for the coming future?

I am planning to add beaded floral Jewellery with semi precious and precious stones in future.

15.    What is the best compliment you have received for the jewellery you make? 

One bride said “Wow, now I feel like I am getting married.”

16.   How is floral jewellery different from gold? As in why do you think it looks better or why do you think brides would prefer it over traditional gold jewellery?

Floral jewellery can be made to order as you require and can be crafted very beautifully but there are limitations since you working with flowers it cannot be crafted like gold nor can it ever be as costly as gold is. Brides like floral jewellery because it creates a blooming environment and makes the bride feel very special. Many of times brides do say that they didn’t even feel like that they are getting married till they got to wear floral Jewellery. 

Floral Jewellery is not supposed to be worn on the wedding day. It is recommended to worn on Sangeet Or Mehendi functions but as you see on many wedding events brides who wear floral jewellery tend to look prettier in pictures and you will witness that floral jewellery usually overpowers the glitz and glam of gold because of their strong and vivid colours.

In the end I would like to say that “You can wear gold everyday but can you floral Jewellery every day?”

17.   Is it feasible?

On occasions such as wedding’s it is feasible and that is why there is huge response from would be brides.

18.   What is the advantage of wearing floral jewellery at weddings?

 The advantages are that they stand out with bold colours, they spread fragrance and the bride gets to wear her own unique design which is the expression of her own feelings and we feel extremely delighted when we see joy and happiness on their faces and that is a big satisfaction. Overall wearing Floral Jewellery for any bride is a memorable experience. “Believe me I have been there and I still remember that day when I wore floral jewellery it actually makes you look like the prettiest girl around and I haven’t forgotten a single moment! “ and after seeing my pictures on the blog compliments poured in from all around the world and that inspired me design floral jewellery and now I am not only designing apparel but also floral jewellery for brides making Ambiance Kreators and Surabhi’s Floral Jewellery a one stop shop for would be brides.

You can visit my company blog for Ambiance Kreators Boutique 

I am sure you will love reading more about floral jewellery in the magazine itself. This Issue is Available on stands throughout INDIA this month for 100 INR.

It's a great honour to be featured and being interviewed by the Wedding Vows Magazine as a Designer working on Floral Jewellery. Thankyou Arwa and Wedding Vows Magazine!!

Below are the Digital Copies.

Front Cover (Digital Copy)

Back Cover (Digital Copy)

You can get your digital copy of Wedding Vows and All Your Favourite Magazines at and

( Save Paper Go Digital!!!)

Price: 100 INR on stands in India/ $1.99 worldwide (
Availabilty: India and Online Worldwide with Magzter.
Rating: A+; Love the magazine paper and printing quality much better than Femina and Vogue. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Rakhi and Gifting...

Rakhi is 21st August this year and celebrated by all Hindu's around the world. Infact it has become so famous over the years that people of all religions are celebrating it.

The face of Rakhi has changed over the period of years it just started with a single piece of thread or roli and then after every generation the face of rakhi changed and now it is more fun then ever. Here are some of samples of rakhi, loomba and packing ideas that are avialable in the market today. I purchased these from a very famous shop in South Delhi, by the name of Jain gift shop, Mandir Wali Gali, Green Park Extn.

Rakhi, Loomba, Roli Chawal and Gifting Ideas.
Crystal Silver Rakhi..

Modern Loomba with Charms.

Beautiful Heart shaped basket ...pack it chocolates or gifts ..

A beautiful crystal box for chocolates or rakhi.

Roli chawal packed in various designs..

Gifting Ideas.

Delivery Girl Tricycle with Roli & Chawal.

Loomba and Rakhi.

Beautiful Mirror Loomba for Bhabhi.

Teddy Bear Rakhi for Younger Brother's

Roli, Chawal and Coconut.

Decorated Coconuts.

Coconut wrapped up in decorations.

Rakhi for Baby Brother's :)

 Happy Shopping and a VERY HAPPY RAKHI!!

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