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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Yup, Its my Birthday !!! + MyWebface Toolbar!!

Yes, Its my birthday and all that I want is to spend as much time at Home... The reason??  It's A SUNDAY! :))) ..SUNDAYS are Fun days....Its been a long time since I had my birthday on a Sunday!!

So, what did I do today?; I had warm bath with sea salts....and pampered myself in the parlour yesterday for 5 hours ....hmmmm...  Is there anything better than that? ....:)

Is your birthday is today? or in the coming week? if it is then pamper yourself in the spa!!!.... sometimes we need to respect our bodies to respect ourself!

And, look what I found out Google is celebrating my B'day to!!

Wow, such a sweet surprise.. :)))

Google you made my day!! Thankyou for your Wishes :))

And Look at the nice Facebook cover I made with the help of PopCam, Fotegrafix - Popcam Camera and Coverfanatic on MyWebface Toolbar...You can make one for yourself to ..

  1. Type MyWebface Toolbar on Google.
  2. Download it.
  3. Install MyWebface Toolbar as your browser's toolbar.
  4. Go to webfetti.
  5. Select Coverfanatic.
  6. Select your favourite Cover add pictures if you want to and add to your facebook account.
  7. Go to facebook the picture will be saved in the album coverfanatic.
  8. Open the album coverfanatic.
  9. Select your picture which you want to make your cover.
  10. Click on option.
  11. Click on make cover photo.
  12. SAVE.

Voila!!! You have a new awesome cover photo for your Facebook account...I also edited the picture on PopCam by Sony and Fotegrafix - Popcam Camera before I added it to the Coverfanatic page.

You can also make other cool covers like :)

You also have other advantages by downloading this Toolbar.

  • Edit your photo's.
  • Glitter Graphic for Facebook and Web.
  • Create your Avatar - cartoon yourself :) , Caricature, Photo Fx.
  • Wall Smack in - Share interesting stickers for your Facebook account.
  • Play Games and add Smileys.
  • Virus Free - No Ad aware, No Spy ware, No Virus, No Trojan.
  • All Free.

Enjoy Using MyWebFace Toolbar!!

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