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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Moorings - Mombasa, Kenya

What is a Mooring??

A Mooring refers to any permanent structure to which a vessel may be secured.

The Moorings seafood restaurant is one of the oldest, well known restaurants and your first choice for fish, lobster, crab and prawns. Situated on the North coast of Mombasa, the Moorings is floating on the Mtwapa creek with a great waterfront setting and a spectacular view. We offer, apart from fresh local seafood, a landlubber menu with steak, chicken and pasta; besides the pizzeria. Enjoy expertly prepared seafood dishes in an ambiance of tranquility and charm on our Dhow or on the floating restaurant.

Great Food, Great View with your Great LOVE!!!



Here are some my pictures from my romantic getaway - Sundowning @ Moorings!!....

It was a day after Valentines Day 2013, it was real fun great sea food, great view after that we went on speed boat ride into the Indian Ocean...

Beautiful sunsets and great sun-downing, Moorings in Mombasa is one the great ways to experience Africa. We also saw one the most beautiful houses along the banks belonging to the most rich and famous of Kenya.

If you are looking towards a romantic speed boat ride in a tropical country; Then visiting Mooring's Kenya would be a wise choice not only you will enjoy the warmer tropical weather and moments of togetherness but also amazing seafood and coool friends to hang out with.....

To know more about Moorings Kenya visit :

Don't Forget 

  • To travel to Kenya you need to get a Yellow Fever vaccination.
  • Visa is on Arrival $50 per person.
  • Purchasing exotic skins and hunting animals is banned in Kenya.
  • To not tease or feed the animals.
  • Carry along a SPF 50+ with you.
  • Do not wear gold on the streets.
  • Carry fashion or costume jewellery with you.
  • Carry along crocs, slippers and 1 Inch heels.
  • Sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection.
  • DSLR Camera and Video Camera.
  • Extra SD cards and Pen-drives 16 GB.
  • You laptop if required.

Must Buy and Try

  • Amarula Drink
  • Amarula Chocolates
  • Souvenirs 
  • Patrick Mavros Silver, Nairobi
  • Food at Nyali Beach, Diani beach - South Coast
  • Food at Village market, Nairobi
  • Indian Street Food at Diamond Plaza, Nairobi
  • Ethopian Food
  • Kenyan Food
  • Kenya Coffee and Kilimanjaro Coffee
  • Arrow Root Chip
  • Butternut Soup
  • Kasava root or Chips
  • Macdamia Nuts
  • Amazing Seafood

Adventures in Kenya:

Your's Faithfully, Travel Bug

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