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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Reach Fashion Studio (Part-2)

Backgrounds can be easily appended in Reach Fashion Studio by simply clicking on library and then select the option background for the default background images. In case you do not like the backgrounds available in the software you can simply add your own by going to C://Program Files>Reach>Lib>Backgrounds and copy paste your favourite picture.  Now, your picture will be a part of Reach library.

Here are few of the examples:-

You can also change the textile or fabric of the garment you wish to change according to you choice. Just go to C://Program files>Reach>Library>Textures and copy paste your favourite texture.

Now you simply select the layer of the garment and change the fabric which has already been added to the reach textures library. As, you can see I added the texture of torn jeans or denim which was not a part of the original Reach library.


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