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Monday, April 8, 2013

Animate yourself with JA JA! Gematanzen!! lol..

What is JA! JA! Gematanzen??? 

Gematanzen is an App Available for I Phone and Android Users. You can edit your face on the this App and you add them as a face on top of the dancing figures available. The result always turns out to be hilarious and it is really good app for pulling pranks on your friends and family and also for your own entertainment. This can be downloaded from the Apple IPhone App Store free of charge!! and that is even more fun. :)

There are five dancing figures available in this App right now and you can TAP to change the dance and SWIPE to change the dancer. Once you are sure with the one you really like you can select and mail it directly to your mail account or to any one your favourite social networking site to pull a prank on your friends. All these images are saved in .Gif format.

Once you install the App the first screen you will get to see is the dancers that are available you can swipe to change dancers some of which are: Charlie Chaplin, Nazi Officer, Sparta Soldier, Black Swan etc...

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3
Step 4

Easy as A,B,C!!!! lol  !!

 Here some the images that I created and also some which I found on their blog!!

I am sure that you find these animations absolutely hilarious.....enjoy downloading!!

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