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Friday, March 8, 2013

Tamarind Dhow Mombasa, Kenya ♥ Valentine's Day!! ♥

Ok, Ok I am late to write about this probably because I was just trying to get over my hangover of the beautiful vacation I had in Kenya or the Jet lag which was killing me till now but it is never to late to plan your next romantic vacation at the Tamarind dhow, Mombasa. 

A beautiful love boat with the most romantic atmosphere!!... La Amore... ♥ 

History of Tamarind Dhow

The original Tamarind Dhow "Nawalilkher", was built in 1977 for trading. At 23 meters, she is the largest dhow on the coast. Purchased in 1986, she was converted for restaurant use by her original builder, Fundi Bini on the island of Lamu, under the watchful eye of Mohammed Shalle, who is still her captain today.

The Dhow 

Dhows are an ancient design of Sailing Cargo Carriers, particularly suitable for the Indian Ocean due to the design of the lateen sail which enable them travel with the Trade Winds which blow South (Kaskazi) between November and April and North (Kusi) for the rest of the year. It is due to these trade Winds (Monsoons) that the trade between the East African Coast and the Arabian Peninsula flourished. The Nakhoda (captain) is unique in shipping as he is not only the transporter of cargo but also the owner. He will spend his time in port trading his present cargo for a different type of cargo for the return trip.

The Tamarind Dhow

The Tamarind Dhows named "BABULKHER" and "NAWALILKHER" are two of the largest jahazis in Kenya, built by traditional methods without the benefit of any electrical tools at Mtandoni, a small village near Lamu, renowned for its expertise in building sailing Dhows. The central beams took one week to find as the master "Dhow builder - Fundi Bini searched the forest to find tree with just the right curve, to start off the building of the dhows.

My Magical Experience

♥  I went to Tamarind dhow on this Valentine's and it turned out to be a unforgettable experience. Beautiful boat in the sunset on the river cruise. 5 course meals + Drinks and a lovely band to sing along with...I just can't describe the course the Valentine's Day Menu was special...

It was double date, me and my husband and the newly weds my brother and sister-in-law!! :)

The Dhow, Waiting For Us!!

All Abroad and we sail into the sea!!

 I purchased the Valentine's day gift from It was a beautiful 24kt Gold Foil ROSE!! ...I would give them 5 Stars for this beautiful rose!!!

My hubby loved it and it made a great Valentine's Day Gift!!!

There's one for them too..

                                            What a Beautiful Valentine's Night!!!

And What's There to Eat...... 

General Menu

Mixed Seafood Hors Doeuvres
* * * *
Soup of the day
* * * *
Grilled Half Lobster Served with Rice and Tamarind Salad
Grilled King Prawns Served with Rice and Tamarind Salad
Seafood Swahili Served with Rice and Tamarind Salad
Grilled Prime Fillet Steak Served with Baked Potato And Tamarind Salad
* * * *
Tropical Fruit Salad With / Without Kirsch
* * * *
Coffee And Halwa
Lemon Grove
Night Time

Our Valentine's Day Menu

Amuse Bouche
Fresh Seafood
Palm Heart and Vegetable Salad
Strawberry French Kiss
Fresh Cream of Tamoto
Butternut Squash Soup
Grilled Half Lobster
Grilled King Prawns
Seafood Swahili
Grilled Prime Fillet Steak
Tropical Fruit Salad
Strawberry Heart Love
Kenya Coffee

Are you a seafood lover? then get a date with Tamarind dhow... :)

Some of the food that we had on Valentine's

More Photos:

Live Band That Plays For You!!

Map and Reservations:

Tamarind Dhow
Jetty Tamarind Mombasa
PO Box 85785
Mombasa, 80100
Tel: 041 471747/011 474600
Mob: 0733623583 / 0722205160
Fax: 041 471257
Reservations: Tamarind Dhow - Kenya

"The Tamarind Dhow is not only one the most romantic boats but also a seafood lovers paradise, A Great way to celebrate with your Valentine!!"

Do not Forget:

  • To travel to Kenya you need to get a Yellow Fever vaccination.
  • Visa is on Arrival $50 per person.
  • Purchasing exotic skins and hunting animals is banned in Kenya.
  • To carry your swimsuit and swimming trunks.
  • Waterproof Sunscreen Sports 100+.
  • Sunglasses with UVA and UVB.
  • Flats and 1 Inch Heels
  • Take few swimming lessons.
  • To not tease or feed the animals.
  • Do not wear gold on the streets.
  • Carry fashion or costume jewellery with you.
  • DSLR Camera and Video Camera.
  • Extra SD cards and Pen drives 16 GB.
  • You laptop if required.

Must Buy and Try

  • Amarula Drink
  • Amarula Chocolates
  • Souvenirs 
  • Patrick Mavros Silver, Nairobi
  • Food at Nyali Beach, Diani beach - South Coast
  • Food at Village Market, Nairobi
  • Indian Street Food at Diamond Plaza, Nairobi 
  • Ethopian Food
  • Kenyan Food
  • Kenya Coffee and Kilimanjaro Coffee
  • Arrow Root Chip
  • Butternut Soup
  • Kasava root or Chips
  • Macdamia Nuts
  • Amazing Seafood

                                                     Yours faithfully, Travel Bug

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