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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"K" is for Kaftan.

February to March is a mild winter season and there is something great which you can do with your old Kashmiri shawls which you do not use anymore or are unable to utilise…. You can get a Kaftan made out of them. 

Turning your shawls into a Kaftan will not only add glamour your old shawls but you will also love to wear them more often.. I recently got few of my shawls stitched at my Boutique "Ambiance Kreators" one of them was made into a Kaftan as you can in the pictures...

This Kaftan made me look great and I received a lot of compliments that night and people asked me where I purchased it from? They were really surprised to know that it was my old shawl that got it stitched into a Kaftan.. and just couldn't believe it....

If you have an old shawl which you do not wear. It would be a great it idea to get stitched into a Kaftan and flaunt it  :)

Warning: Be ready for a rain of Compliments :)

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