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Friday, February 1, 2013

♥Say It With A Rose, Happy Valentine's Day♥

So, are you still thinking about what to buy for your Valentine this year???.. 

How about a rose...even better how about a 24kt Gold Plated Rose engraved and kept forever as a remembrance...which does not wilts away just like your true love... :)

I am sure that sounds nice as I was just thinking about what to buy?  I came across an email from about these fantastic 24kt Gold Plated Roses..:)

You can take a look at the pictures below they are available in 3 sizes:
  • Large 12" @ ₹1500 engraved with " I Love You"
  • Medium 8"@ ₹1250
  • Small 6"    @ ₹ 999

All of these are at 25% discount for the Valentine's and they have a cash on delivery option as well and they would also deliver it to your valentine at their postal address on the 14th of feb with your personal message extra delivery charges ....:)


Medium and Small Gold Roses are packed in pink box....
Medium Sized 8"
Small 6" ... I like the small one more ..easy to preserve and display...

I ordered the Small 6"  24Kt Gold Rose as it is not only beautiful and easy to preserve but also packed in a beautiful pink box wrapped in satin pink cloth with a matching bow. How romantic!!! I really wish if they had the personalised engraving service available. I would have got the message engraved "For My Husband, Happy Valentine's Day!!" or "Forever Love."

The only setback with the Medium and Small Rose is that  " I LOVE YOU" is not engraved...

2nd OptionJust Flowers, Green Park


They also have gold roses available in different sizes only that they look different something like the picture below like half open  rose bud and packed in a velvet blue box with a transparent cover. So, that you can admire the beauty of the rose without touching it!!!

They are available in different sizes and an option between and Gold and Silver Plating:

  • Large 12" Gold Plated @ ₹ 1200
  • Large 12" Silver Plated @ ₹ 1100
  • Small 6" Gold Plated @ ₹ 850
  • Small 6" Silver Plated @ ₹ 750

None of these are personalised so, you can gift them to you anyone. Your Valentine could be your Mother, Father, Sister, Friend, Husband, Boyfriend etc....

3rd Option

A 24kt Gold Plated Live Rose, Personalised with your own special message and preserved forever just like your true love + A personalised vase :)

 Priced @ Rose 12" and Vase 7 1/2" @ $61.95/ ₹ 3345

4th  Option:

A Real Rose preserved forever:

  • In Gold, Silver and Platinum
  • Available in several colours representing your Birthmonth.
  • Personalised message on a petal to speak your own words.

24k Gold Roses, Silver Roses & Platinum Roses
Trimmed, or entirely dipped, in 24k gold, platinum, or silver, our roses make for memorable Valentine's Day gift ideas. They are REAL and won't die on Tuesday -- they will last a lifetime. Personalize these gold roses with custom messages on the petals and give the best Valentine's Day gift ideas you will find.

Please visit their website for the price range as they have different types of roses available in different sizes, packing, personalisation according to the requirement of the client.....

5th Option:

Choose from the original gold rose, platinum rose, silver rose or one of the incredible colored roses now available and give blooms day after day! Now offering gold dipped rose jewelry and gold dipped specialty items. Perfect for weddings, anniversary, birthdays, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day.

Please visit the website for price range.


6th Option:

Gold Rose @ Rs.1255 / $23
Shipping: FREE
Delivered: In 5 days
COD: Available
Shipped Worldwide
The gold-plated rose is a symbol of love & beauty and an exceptional gift for any woman!

The gold rose is a handcrafted marvel made from a real rose selected at the peak of it's beauty. It is preserved in a lacquer shell and then plated in pure 24K gold by skilled artisans to create a breathtaking masterpiece.

Each rose is one-of-a-kind, unique and everlasting, just like your love!

» Size: Approximately 6 inches
» Type: 24K gold-plated
» Comes in presentation box
» Image shown may differ as each rose is unique
» Includes a small card about the product & 24k gold-plating
» Box color may vary slightly

  These roses not only symbolize your true love but they are forever!

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