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Friday, January 18, 2013

Themes - Fashion illustration...

These are few of the fashion illustrations which I am posting online. Fashion Illustration is a great way to express your moods and designs draped on a mannequin or a model.



Hope you enjoyed going through the designs that I created!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Awesome Vector Girls - Fashion!!!

I was wondering what to post on my blog in 2013 and I thought what could be better than Vector Images? So, I back blogging with a Bang!, I have recently learned to create vector images on CoreldrawX5. It is a very easy software to create fashion images.  If you are a fashion design student or planning to excel in this field it would be a good idea to learn designing on Coreldraw for making presentations.

This software keeps on updating every year but vector images are created in the same way and the method does not change. Vector images are in demand if you are designer for web, graphic or fashion. Here are  some of the Vector Fashion girls that I have created.

Confessions of a "SHOPAHOLIC"

Confessions of a "SHOPAHOLIC" was one the first vector girls I created as you can see the girl is busy shopping in Paris. This would not only make a great presentation but also reflects a theme. She is nicely accessorised with Shoes, Bow tie,Waist belt and A clutch purse not only that she is shopping along with her dog and is posing for a picture nearby a cafe in Paris.

Lady in the Mirror.

Lady in the Mirror is probably one of the most difficult ones to create there are many transparencies in this vector fashion image which makes the file very heavy to work it but also turns out to be one the most glamorous vector girls!!

She is in her bedroom which full of vintage elements and her paraphernalia lying on the dressing table.


Fireworks: The main idea behind this vector was to create a group of party girls wearing sequined cocktail dresses enjoying themselves and watching the fireworks on New Year Eve!. They are also wearing matching or contrasting sequined shoes.

Cowboy Girl - Howdy Pardner!!

Cowboy Girl - The idea was to create a girl in long boots and jeans since they look better on "cowboy girls" I also added the background with horses to create a western farm theme. Yes, I got a bit inspired by Farmville, lol!! :)

She is wearing a Tie, Cowboy hat, Long boots and even a see through lingerie to add naughtiness to the picture...

Blow Me Away!!

Blow Me Away - Let me blow my trumpet!! One of the best vector fashion girls I created took me 10 days to create this and end the result was fantastic. Gosh, She look's like a SuperModel :)

I am sure you all loved these vectors and I will keep sharing more vector girls that I create in future.

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