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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Gucci Belt - Simplicity and Style!!

A "Gucci Belt is an indispensable fashion accessory". I gifted this belt to my husband on his birthday this year. This belt is lightweight with 75% leather and cloth. The Gucci logo buckle is platinum coated which makes this belt a little expensive but an extremely beautiful edition to your wardrobe. 

Off course you will love to flaunt this belt when you buy it. This colour combination which you can see in the picture above is available for both Men and Women and complements both sexes. It also looks great with formals and casuals yet it reflects simplicity. As you can see in the pictures below you can pair this belt with a Blazer, Bomber Jacket or just a regular colared shirt...

I was looking for a belt free of leather like a LV Belt however I could not find one at the Gucci Boutique. I really wish if they can introduce a belt made out of canvas or only cloth as I generally do not buy leather.

I am sure you love this belt it won't be a bad idea to save some money and invest in one like this!

Availability: Gucci Boutique at DLF Emporio Mall and The Oberoi Lodhi Road, New Delhi.
Price: INR 16000/ $ 297 U.S.
Rating: A+
Packaging: A+



  1. Wow... I love that 'G' from Gucci & it is one of my fvorite brand. But hubby doesn't branded belts. Maybe I can try 1 for myself... lolz.

    Congrats to ur hubby on recieving such a cute gift from his charming wife. you are a Gem Surabhi. First of all He is lucky to have you in life. <3 <3 <3


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