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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Dhanteras and A Very Happy Diwali!!!

Dhanteras (Hindi: धनतेरस, Marathi : धनत्रयोदशी) is the first day of the three-day Diwali Festival as celebrated in parts of north India. The festival, known as "Dhantrayodashi" or "Dhanvantari Triodasi".The word Dhan means wealth and Teras means 13th day as per Hindu calendar. It is celebrated on the thirteenth lunar day of Krishna paksha (dark fortnight) in the Hindu calendar month of Ashwin. [1][2]
On Dhanteras, the "Owl" form of Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped to provide prosperity and well being. Dhanteras holds special significance for the business community due to the customary purchases of precious metals on this day

 On Dhanteras Hindus consider it auspicious to purchase gold or silver articles or at least one or two new utensils. It is believed that new “Dhan” or some form of precious metal is a sign of good luck. "Laxmi Puja" is performed in the evenings when tiny Diyas of clay are lit to drive away the shadows of evil spirits. "Bhajans", devotional songs in praise of Goddess Laxmi, are also sung.

Diwali is one of the biggest festival of Hindus, celebrated with great enthusiasm and happiness in India. The festival is celebrated for five continuous days, where the third days is celebrated as the main Diwali festival or 'Festival of lights'. Different colorful varieties of fireworks are always associated with this festival. On this auspicious day, people light up diyas and candles all around their house. They perform Laxmi Puja in the evening and seek divine blessings of Goddess of Wealth. The festival of Diwali is never complete without exchange of gifts. People present diwali gifts to all near and dear ones.

I purchased some beautiful diya's decorated with crystals this Dhanteras which can be used to light up your homes this Diwali....Since it is also a festival to celebrate victory of good over evil..... 

Many people love to fire crackers every Diwali but I have pledged with my husband not to do so as many kids died in a cracker factory this year some them even lost a leg or an arm and some of them got burned alive..... :(..May god bless their souls....R.I.P.

Please enjoy a cracker less diwali this year and light diya's as crackers also cause a lot pollution and breathing problems for people suffering from asthma...

So, Let there be light :) 

You can also send some beautiful diwali gifts to your near and dear ones by shopping from this website or send diwali ecards from

   And A Very

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