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Monday, November 19, 2012

Diwali Celebrations 2012...

Diwali being one of the most popular festivals in India is celebrated every year in India. This day is also celebrated as the Indian New Year or "Hindu New Year" .....I had a great diwali this year on the 13th of November and I have some lovely pictures of Rangoli, Diya's and Decorations to you!!!

Rangoli's that I made :)

These are some of the Rangoli's that I made this year. One of these rangoli's was eaten away by my dog Sohrab :)

The Lovely Staircase.

The entire staircase was decorated with flowers and diya's

Anirudh decorating the staircase and my study room decorated in the right...

Sohrab watching curiously at the back while Anirudh was placing the diya's LOL!

South Indian Diya Stand

Sohrab really enjoyed this year's Diwali and the best part was that he wasn't scared of the firecrackers and loud noises at all and he posed for the pictures.... a very brave dog!!....

Crystal Lime lite Diya's
The Beautiful Crystal diya's i bought this year....

By my bedside

I placed these crystal diya's around my room to decorate it they really looked beautiful ......A video of one of the crystal diya is below.... :)

Anirudh and Me Diwali 2012

We really enjoyed the Diwali this by lighting diya's and candles all over the place and we said NO to firecrackers this year!!

Floating candles that I placed in our bedroom....


My bedroom panaroma on Diwali

My room panaroma

Below is video of Diwali fireworks that I shot this year from the terrace of my house!


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