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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Anirudh's Birthday and The Delicious Cake from The Cake Express.

Anirudh's Birthday was on 22nd of November ...It was great day ... All of us had great fun!!...

I decorated the entire bedroom with colourful helium balloon's, flowers and course he loved it. Decorating your room or house with colourful helium balloon's is a great idea to celebrate birthdays!!

Lol, when he entered the room all he said was "Wow, today is really my birthday!!" :))))).. look how happy he is and Yes, I gifted him a Gucci Belt this year!!..

And the surprise dint end for him just yet. He couldn't believe his eyes when he saw his birthday cake!!

Yup, It was nutty chocolate flavour cake in the shape of Lindt Chocolate Bar and four cupcakes with his photo's on it....... He said " I am shocked this cake is beautiful...this is a fabulous find Surabhi, where did you order this from? " He he... My Compliments to the Chef at the The Cake Express, Saket ... They make one of the Most Beautiful Designer Cakes + They are Yummy.

As you can see above in the pictures how excited he was on his birthday...... :)))

All he said at the end of the day was "I can't forget this birthday, We all had so much fun...Thank you My Darling!!"

So, I suggest that if you are planning a birthday for your loved one's and if you live in Delhi. It will be great idea to order a Cake from The Cake Express. I give them five stars ★★★★★


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