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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

11 Awesome Bridal Looks......

I have been gearing up for my brother's wedding this December and I am really excited. Since it's family event I thought how about going through some hairstyles and came across some lovely looks and hair chotli's which you can wear as a bride or if you or not then you can at least go for the hairstyles or the hair decorations.

Awadhi Bride (U.P.)
Awadhi (U.P) - Hair plait with a hair chotli - Love it :)
Punjabi Bride
Punjabi - Hair Bun
Marwadi Bride
Marwadi - Low Hair Bun
Sikh Bride
Sikh bride with sagar choti and parandi
Muslim Bride
Muslim - Hair Plait with decorative flowers
Kannad Bride
Kannad- Hair Plait decorated with fresh flowers.
Tamil Bride
Tamil - Hair Plait decorated with fresh flowers.
Bengali Bride
Bengali Hairdo
Gujrati Bride
Gujrati Hairdo
Christian Bride.
Christian - Plait/braid
Multicultural Indian Bride - My Ancestors belong to Agra (U.P.) and I got married in a Sikh Punjabi Community.
High Hair Bun decorated with silver based jewellery
High Hair Bun with a  Plait decorated with fresh flowers - This look is still a hit on pininterest :)

 "These were some delicious looks that you can go for this wedding season!!"



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    1. Hello Sanam,

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