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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Traditional Embroideries of Indian States!

I have recently learned Embroideries belonging to the Five States of India called Chikankari, Kashidakari, Phulkari, Kantha and Rabari. Their samples are below.

Embroidery of Uttar Pradesh - Chikankari

The history of Chikan work is not definite and different people have different assumptions and beliefs regarding the same. According to Megasthenes, the Greek traveler, the art of Chikankari started in East Bengal (now Bangla Desh) in 3rd century. He also mentions Chikan, which refers to floral prints on fine muslin clothes. Shadow Work is known as Chikankari Work it is done on Organdy, Muslin and Nowadays on Chiffon and Georgette as well.

I have done Shadow work on an Organdy fabric. The Stitch used is universally known as "Herringbone Stitch".

Shadow Work done by Lucknowi Craftsmen.
Lucknowi Chikankari

Embroidery of Jammu & Kashmir - Kashidakari

The Kashmiri jaal work is quite popular. It takes months to complete thread work on one shawl, stole or bedspread. Artisans stitch decorative motifs of birds, maple leaves, and other decorative designs. The most popular form of thread work is the chain stitch that is done on shawls and clothes.

 I have done Kashidakari on Cotton Fabric by using Chain Stitch.

Kashidakari done on shawl by Kashmiri Craftsmen.

I am wearing a Kaftan made of shawl with kashidakari work on it

This Kaftan was stitched at my boutique "Ambiance Kreators"

Embroidery of West Bengal - Kantha

Kantha embroidery is a popular type of craft created in the Bengal region of India. It has always been popular amongst rural women who keep the tradition of this special craft alive. Kantha Work is done by Using "Running Stitch".

I have done Kantha work on cotton fabric.

Kantha work done on Saree by Craftsmen of Bengal.
Stole with Kantha - Parsi Work

Duppata with Kantha work.

Embroidery of Punjab - Phulkari

The art of phulkari has its origins in the early part of the 19th century when the odhini or head cloth was highlighted with embroidered flowers. It was generally done with silk threads on Kaddar.

 I have done Phulkari on cotton fabric using "Darning Stitch."

Traditional Phulkari Chunni
Bagh Work Done by Women of West Punjab.

Traditional Phulkari preserved at the Art and Crafts Museum

Traditional Phulkari done on khaddar cloth.
Modern Phulkari Chunni - on my Pre-Wedding shoot.
Modern Phulkari

Traditional Phulkari Kurti which I purchased from Surajkund mela - 2013

Traditional Phulkari done on Chiffon Chunni and Cotton Kurti.
Stitches used in Traditional Phulkari.

Embroidery of Gujrat - Rabari/Kutch

Aari Embroidery with silk threads using a hook is a popular craft of Kutch, Gujrat. The motifs found commonly are, dancing peacocks, human figures in dancing postures and other delicate and definitive forms.

I have done Kutch Embroidery on  cotton fabric and multiple stitches have been used which are Blanket, Mirror Work, Herringbone, Dots and SequinsWork.

Kutch Embroidery done by Traditional Craftswomen of Gujrat.
Traditional Kutch Embroidery done by Rabari Community of Gujrat.

" I hope you enjoyed looking at these state embroideries... do give me your feedback!"


Embroidery Designs and Motifs!!

Embroidery is the art or handicraft of decorating fabric or other materials with needle and thread or yarn. Embroidery may also incorporate other materials such as metal strips, pearls, beads, quills, and sequins. Embroidery is most often recommended for caps, hats, coats, blankets, dress shirts, denim, stockings, and golf shirts. Embroidery is available with a wide variety of thread or yarn color.

A characteristic of embroidery is that the basic techniques or stitches of the earliest work—chain stitch, buttonhole or blanket stitch, running stitch, satin stitch, cross stitch—remain the fundamental techniques of hand embroidery today. *

These are some of Embroidery Samples that I have created by using 30 stitches which I have recently learned.... you can also find the Embroidery Motifs below some of them; So, that you can recreate the same at your home. The Type of Stitches used are mentioned above each Embroidery Sample.

Click on the Images for Full View!

1) Peacock Embroidery Sample - Stitches used are Chain Stitch,Lazydaisy, Double Lazydaisy, Herringbone, Running Stitch, Blanket, Bullion, German & French.

2) Flowers and Leaves Embroidery Sample - Stitches used are Cross Stitch, Stem Stitch, Fish bone and Dots.

3) Paisley Embroidery Sample - Mirror work, Reverse Chain, Chevron and Button Hole.

4) Flowers and Leaves Embroidery Sample - Blanket, Double Blanket, Double Herring Bone, Satin.

5) Fish Embroidery Sample
- Stitches used are  Double Chain Stitch or Magic Chain, Mirror Work, Simple Couching, Spider Web and Back Spider Web, Eyelet, Blanket and Chain.

I hope you enjoyed looking at these samples. Do keep sending me suggestions and ideas if you have one to share. I have really enjoyed creating these samples. Yes, it was tedious and time consuming but I loved the final results :)

Love, Surabhi

* References - Wikipedia , Embroidery Books By Nirmala C. Mistry.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Textures - Fashion illustration.

I have been really busy at my designing classes leaving me little or no time to blog....I really wish I had more time as I have so much  to talk about however there is something that I want to share to day...

These are some the Sketches and Textures that I have created .....these textures have been created with help simple kitchen, household and art and craft items like Coffee, Thread, Fevicol, Pencil, Glitter, Jute, Toothbrush, Candle, Ladyfinger, Ink and Scale.

Happy Sketching!!!

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