Monday, July 9, 2012

NYX Corrector/Concealer - Orange.

NYX Color Corrector/ Concealer Orange is an awesome full coverage concealer. The NYX Orange concealer can be used for correcting dark circles or black and blue marks around your eyes or on your face.
By using this concealer you can camouflage unevenness or spots on your face and make your face glow like a Glamour Queen!!.

Why use an Orange Concealer?

Well this a best kept secret of all Pro- Makeup Artists around the world. The women that we get to see on the screen do not generally have perfect skin!. Their dark circles or black and blue marks are concealed with the help of an ORANGE CONCEALER and not with the normal peach or yellow one.

Take a look at the Colour Wheel Below it holds the key to the mystery that how various colours can help to conceal and correct your face. The Theory is that the colours opposite in the colour wheel help to neutralise each other.

Opposite to Red is Green in the Colour Wheel so both the colours neutralise each other. so  you have redness on your face use a green concealer. The same is in the case of blue; If you have Blue marks on your face then use an Orange concealer. So, there's the secret to conceal under eye dark circles. Always use an Orange Concealer!!. :)

Black or Blue Under eye Dark Circles ----> Use Orange concealer.
Redness/Pink Acne spots on the face-----> Use Green Concealer.

NYX Colour Concealer's provide full coverage to your face they are budget friendly and cruelty free.

Price: $5 U.S./ 270 INR
Rating: A+
Packaging: A+

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