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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fashion Design@DreamZone

Some of my work done this month included Fabric rendering, Abstract Painting,Saree Border, Saree Pallu, Pockets, Waistbands, Bows, Footwear and Sketching......

 Click on the pictures for an enlarged view

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Where did my spots go???? - Dalmatian Nail Art!!


Recently I thought about doing something new with my nails and I came up with the idea of Dalmatian Spots Nail Art- from the Movie 101 Dalmatians.

All you need is a White and Black Nail Polish, Nail Polish Remover, Cotton, Konad Nail Stamper- Scrapper Set and Stamping Plate M61.

Konad Nail Plate M61

All the spots are on my nails!!!! :)))

Price: 160 INR
Rating: A+
Packaging: A+

Love Surabhi

Thursday, June 7, 2012

IL Figurino di Moda: Fashion Design Book Review.

IL Figurino di Moda is better than any fashion design book I have ever seen or heard about. Infact this book is already known as "One of the most famous book of fashion design in the world!!"

IL Figurino di Moda was published recently in January 2012 by Instituto di Moda, Milan, Italy as a Fashion Design Book (Fashion Drawing Book For Fashion Designers) with exclusive and mind blowing fashion illustration of Women, Men and Kids. There is also a section for Accessories - Jewellery, Footwear for Men and Women & Bags.

In short when you buy this book you get in depth information of :-

  • Drawing the Fashion Figure - Step by Step Details - How To Draw Faces, Hairstyles, Eyes, Nose.
  • Fashion Drawing.
  • Fashion Drawing Templates - Hands, Feet.
  • Drawing Tools.
  • Fashion Design Drawing.
  • Sequences of Fabric Rendering.
  • Drawing Fashion Beach Wear and Lingerie.
  • Shoe Drawing.
  • Jewellery Drawing.
  • Technical Details - Collars,Necks,Pockets.
  • Description of Fashion Designers Around The World and History of Costume.

If you go through the pages below you will realise that details in every sketch or fashion figure is shown beautifully. If you want to become to great fashion designer then this book is a must have!!!

To Know more about the book visit link:

Availability:, ,
Price: 155 Euro / 10695 INR
Rating: Spectacular *******

Love Surabhi

China Glaze - Sunshine Pop Swatches!!

I recently purchased the China Glaze - Sunshine Pop Nail Enamel from their summer collection called "Electropop". I would describe this shade as " A Very Bright Neon Yellow " and just right for summertime! However I did find the formula very thick to apply so it was a mess......

Otherwise it is one of the hottest colors this summer!!

Swatches below:

China Glaze Nail Lacquers come in a variety of colours with Nail Hardeners!!

Price: $8/ 448 INR
Rating: B
Packing: A

Love Surabhi

Saturday, June 2, 2012

My First Experience With Konad - Haul and Review!!

I recently purchased Konad Nail Art Stone Kit from, Since I had heard so much about it I thought that it is worth a try!!!...

So I hit the buy button and the Kit was shipped to my Doorstep after 5 Days. This Kit Contained 3 Special Konad Nail Polishes Red, Blue & White, 2 Image Plates, 1 Stamper and Scrapper, 30 Stones and 1 Acrylic Stick.

These Polishes are thicker in consistency in comparison to the one's available in other brands so, that you can easily stamp motifs on your nails with the help of Konad Stamping Plate.

Stamping Plate's that come along with the Kit are: M53 & M04. The other two plates were ordered separately.

Konad Special Nail polishes
Stamper and Scraper
30 Stones and Acrylic Stick
Konad M53 Plate Used.

This was my first try with Konad. I really did like the results and I will keep using Konad Nail Art Stone Kit in the future- it's Fun and Easy :) !!

Price: 850 INR
Rating: A
Packaging: A+

Love Surabhi
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