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Friday, May 11, 2012

Roarrrrrrr!! Go Tigerrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was going through the Inglot Crazy Nails Collection.. when I came up with this Idea!!....Since I already had a Black Shatter Nail Lacquer from O.P.I instead of Buying a Yellow Crackle from Inglot. I used the design visa- versa. I applied the Yellow shade from Colorbar Pro Nail Lacquer called Levey Dovey 022 and Black Shatter from O.P.I. the result was a 95% match...(Only that you get more of black than yellow like the Tiger print above..)

Tiger Claw ...roarrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Colorbar PRO Nail Lacquer - 022 Levey Dovey
Black Shatter by O.P.I@ $8/ 424 INR at

I also got to know recently that Colorbar has launched their own crackle range. The colours available in crackle are Red, Black and Silver priced 499 each and their newly launched PRO Nail Lacquer is priced at 350 INR.

Colorbar Crackle - Black @499 INR

Yellow Crackle by Inglot @750 INR

Colorbar Levey Dovey 022 Dupes -  Inglot#976 & #977,
                                                         ChinaGlaze#Sunshine Pop,
                                                          O.P.I.#The "It" Colour.

Availability: Colorbar Store, Inglot Store,,
Price: OPI Black Shatter@424 INR/$8, Colorbar Crackle@499 INR/$9, Inglot Crackle @750 INR/$14
Rating: A+/A/A
Packaging: A+ for all

Love Surabhi

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