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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Inglot#P450 dupe for Mac Cranberry & Inglot#P607

Inglot's #P450 is the exact dupe for Mac Cranberry. I always found Inglot Pearl eyeshadows extremely pigmented and easy to apply!  This eyeshadow is also the dupe for Inglot #P607 which was launched with the Inglot Bridal or Spring Bronze collection this year. They are almost a 95% match only that #P607 is lighter than #P450. So, if you have any of these you don't need to buy the third one.

I applied this eye shadow for my birthday dinner party last month as the colour of my saree was rust red. So if you getting married, newly married or going out celebrate. You can wear this eye shadow, if the colours of your dress or saree is going to be: Gold, Red, Rust or any of these combinations.

#P450 would look great on any complexion - from Very Fair to Dark!!

Inglot #P 450 Eyeshadow and Swatch below.

Duped: Inglot #P450 (Right) and Mac Cranberry (Left)

INGLOT #607P is from the Bridal Collection

Duped : Inglot#P607 (Left) is lighter than Inglot# P450

"Inglot #P450 looks awesome in the evening!!"

Availability: Inglot Stores and Shop at
Price: 300 INR/ $5
Rating: A+
Packaging: Freedom System

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