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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Suparna Trikha Mint Clove Pack and Mint Mineral Lotion

Hot summers are here!! so, lets chill our faces ladies in fact I should say how about making the temperature of your face to be 16 Degrees when the outside temperature is 35?....Yeah, I have got three ice creams for your face!! heehaw :))))

All the products that I have mentioned below are guaranteed to chill your face and are excellent for for skin types like mine - sensitive, oily/combination & acne/pimple prone. 

Yup that's my skin type pretty complicated right?..It's easy to take care of my type of skin if you know how to treat it right! I have been using these products from the last 11 years and all of these are organic so you don't need to worry at all. 100% herbal, cruelty free and no side effects.

Superna Trikha's Mint n Mineral Lotion:   This Lotion chills my face every time I spray it on my face. I keep it in dabur gulabari spray bottle to avoid wastage. If you want an absolutely freezing effect then apply it with the help of cotton. Keep it Refrigerated. Ingredients:- Camphor, Mint etc.

Superna Trikha's Mint and Margosa Scrub: Likewise it is made out of Camphor, Dal's, Mint & Herbs. Excellent for Oily/Combination Skin. Mix it with Cold milk or with Superna's Rose Water, Make a paste out of it and then gently scrub it on the face. Leave it on for 3 minutes and let it dry out. Once the scrub dries out and spray some rose water on your face and scrub it out. This scrub will not only help you to get rid of pimple marks but will also chill your face and tighten your pores.

Note: Apply only when all your pimples have dried out or avoid rubbing it on the pimples otherwise it may spread the outbreak. 

Suparna Trikha's Mint and Clove Pack: This pack is a miracle!!!..No Jokes.... If you have an acne prone oily skin then this is the face pack that you need - Period. No other Creams, Lotions, Toners, Packs on this earth can perform like this; I mean I have tried - Biotique, Shahnaz, Vichy, Clean & Clear, Clearasil, Proactive, Garnier, The Body Shop, Clinique you name the brand for acne treatment. I have tried it!!.. I almost felt like a ginnie pig once upon time but this all ended when I found this miracle pack.....

Suparna's Mint and Mineral Pack is so amazing that the moment you apply it on your face it starts freezing your face like you have applied ice.. It feels great above all it also tightens your face and shrinks your pores. It almost takes out the bloody life out Pimples!! :) Yup, This is the ultimate acne pimple killer.

As soon as it dries out you can wash it off with plain water and you will notice that most of your pimples are already exterminated pores have shrinked, and face has tightened. Keep it Refrigerated - Shelf life Six Months.

Ingredients:- Multani Mitti, Camphor, Mint, Cloves Exotic Herbs

Pimple Exterminator!!

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