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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dreamzone School Of Fashion Design - CADD Centre

Information About Dreamzone  School Of Fashion Design - CADD Centre

Many people have been suggesting that I should have joined a better school and keep posting me on this article. So, for the kind information of so called advisors who keep posting me please read this...

Let me Introduce a little bit more about Dreamzone. Dreamzone is an extended sister concern of CADD Centre. CADD Centre is a leader in engineering systems from the last 25 Years. I have seen students from NIFT, INIFD, IIFT, Fashionista, Pearl Academy and Fashion Polytechnic students joining CADD Centre - Dreamzone to learn CAD - Coreldraw, Photoshop, Reach Fashion studio and Reach Cad - Pattern Making Software. CADD Centre- Dreamzone is the only one in India offering Reach Programs. The Faculty of Dreamzone Includes Graduates from NIFT, IIFT , INIFD and so on and only they have set up the curriculum of dreamzone with the combined education they have received at one of the best fashion institutes in the country.

So, I get learn from their  combined experiences and education they have received at NIFT, IIFT, INIFD, Pearl etc..

DreamZone is a creative skill development initiative of CADD Centre, Asia’s largest network of CAD training centres. Founded in 2005, DreamZone currently has 56 centres across major Indian cities including Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai.

Placing importance to the teaching methodology of “experiential learning”, DreamZone runs School of Interior Design, School of Animation, and School of Fashion Design that collectively offer about 50 courses – from PG Diploma to Master Diploma to Foundation programmes – that suit student’s unique time and skill needs. DreamZone is an education member of Institute of Indian Interior Designers, icograda, and IDA.

Dreamzone is also affiliated to Punjab Technical University from where you will  be awarded a B.SC OR M.SC degree according to your chosen course of study.

Dreamzone Website:

About CADD Centre

  • CADD Centre has been the first choice for leading international and national brands in transforming their design vision into reality.
  • With  accumulated expertise in serving several types of industries, they quickly identify your design and engineering requirements.
  • The solutions they suggest will not just help you create high quality products but also improve your productivity.
  • Drawing strength from the wealth of knowledge they have acquired, they can share the industry best practices with you to create a positive impact that can change the way you do business.
  • You do not buy a product from CADD Centre; You invest in a relationship for growth & prosperity.

CADD Centre has been meeting design requirements by partnering several leading suppliers from the most sophisticated A0, A3/A4 size state-of-the-art printers, scanners and multi function systems in 2D and 3D.

CADD Centre is reputed for its strong all round technical expertise, efficient support and customer care. It holds the most dominant brand in the design industry and enjoys the maximum mind share amongst its customers. With presence in over 600 districts across India delivering 95% uptime for customers through engineers who have rich field experience and product knowledge, CADD Centre enjoys a very high customer delight rating of 94%. Their engineers undergo 7800 hours of training every year. They are trained and certified at local and international locations by highly experienced product specialists.

CADD Centres offers CAD in Civil, Mechanical, Architecture, Interior, Animation and Fashion Design.


I am sure this a sufficient introduction to dreamzone - CADD Centre. So, please do not advise me about any other schools because I know what is best for me :)

DreamZone add 

CADD Centre Add

Dreamzone Vibes 360 degress Fashion Show at Chennai Trade Centre in 2013

Dreamzone Vibes 360' Degrees Fashion Show At NIFT Chennai in 2011


My Experience in the first month at Dreamzone:

It's been a Month since I joined my Master's in Fashion Design at Dream zone and it has been an experience to remember and I will remember these days all my life. Designing is not a Kid's job it is "Real Hard Work" for "Real Men and Women" and let me tell you that it everything but not easy. You really need to have an artistic talent to make this happen!

In the first month of fashion design I learnt some really interesting things and that took me straight back in time of my kindergarten days  "Playing with colours" and how beautiful and mysterious colours can be Making colour wheel with poster colours was very interesting!! Colour Wheels Answers the Question- How are Colours Made?...It was very amazing to find that 6 primary colours Red, Blue,Green,Yellow,White &Black can give you 108 tints and shades (Light and Dark). Just one drop of White or Black changes the tints and shade of the colour.

Add a drop of Black to Yellow = you get Lemon Green :)
Mix one drop of Red to Yellow= you get Tan Shade
Mix two drops of Yellow to Blue = you get Turquoise Green

How Interesting!!!.........

Other things that I learned except painting?...Yeah!! Block Figures, Fleshing and Sketching!!...all the basic things fashion design is made of. You can see some of my work in the pictures.

If you are wondering why I am blogging less?.. this is why,  I have been too busy studying designing as it requires a lot time and dedication and only by hard work and determination you can excel in this field and another reason - I was really sick this month :( - cough, cold and fever. I never felt this weak in years.....
god help me!! :)

But yes, I am recovering and feeling better day by day. The weather is very unpredictable here in India these days. April is meant to be a Hot Month however there has been a major fluctuation in temperature this time and sometimes it hot, it rains and just now theirs dust storm ..therefore lot of people are falling sick.. it's bound to happen!! people are facing breathing and wheezing issues...  :(  and my best wishes to all those people around who are sick...GET WELL SOON!!

Here's some of my work ---


I am sure that I will be able to do better in future!!

*References: ,


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  2. Yeah, I have heard about..all institutes are fine!!... what matters is talent!! :)

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  6. Dear Way2College,
    Neeta Lulla is one of the most successful designer's in bollywood and she passed out from a govt polytechnic ..thats just one name. I know many from iift and nift who don't have jobs???. Talent makes a successful fashion designer not an institute.. I run my own business by way how many nifty's are doing that ??? Can you count on your finger's and tell me please :) ???


  7. Let me Introduce a little bit more about Dreamzone. Dreamzone is an extended sister concern of CADD Centre top fashion design schools

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  9. Thankyou all for visiting my blog and thankyou all for your compliments!! :)

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  11. Dear WLCI marketing advisor Mr. Raman Sharma,

    I can count on my fingers and tell you the top Institutes in fashion design in our country and abroad.

    1. NIFT.
    2. INIFD
    3. Pearl Institute of Fashion
    4. Govt polytechnic for Women
    5. IIFT

    Very soon you will see Dreamzone - Cadd Centre as one of the most sorted after institutes in the country and not WLCI!! I have studied here and I have seen students who passed out from NIFT, IIFT, INIFD, MAC, IIT, IMT studing CAD here :)

    1. Instituto di Moda, Burgo (Italy).
    2. London School of fashion - UK
    3. Fashion Institute of technology, New York.
    4. Parsons the New school of design, New York.
    5. Royal College of Arts, London, UK.. etc

    Why don't guys stop marketing WLCI on my blog? next time I will delete your comment.

    Surabhi Lal

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