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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Louis Vuitton buys 8% stock in FabIndia!!

I am sure many of you must come to know about this that LV, Louie Vuitton has just bought a part of FABINDIA. Fabindia is company which believes in fairtrading and helps rural workers to make a living.

For many generations FABINDIA has been an indian icon for their cotton and khadi cloths, traditional jewellery and Organic Mango chutney!

Its really funny to know that a brand like LV needs a hand of FABINDIA in the future to capture the market.
I guess they have realised that the common consumer is smarter and saves money rather than satisfying their ego by buying LV Bags...well, not every body needs them as fake LV's are sold online these days half the price..who will get to know? whether you are carrying a fake one or real one?

I Hope if LV has bought some part of FABINDIA - one khadi shirt of fabindia should not cost 20000 INR?  :) We were okay, with FABINDIA when LV wasn't there.

There was a time around 300- 400 Years ago when the british had to buy rights in india to export spices and cloth. NOW, HISTORY IS REPEATING ITSELF! I guess they have realised that future of the world is in the so called 3rd world countires like they said - India and Africa.

I am sure next time when I wear a Fabindia shirt I am gonna look extremely fashionable A.K.A Haute couture after all LV is a part of FABINDIA or when I buy FABINDIA Bag they will have a LV Label :)

I am Laughing out loud at the same time I am proud of FABINDIA!

Love Surabhi

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