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Friday, March 2, 2012

Inglot Freedom Palette - Lipsticks Review and Swatches.

Last April I visited the Inglot Store and I found their freedom system pretty interesting the best part was that I could buy any lipstick from the freedom system for only 300 INR/ $5 thats really good price for a great brand like Inglot; Since they don't use any parabens in there products it is even better for people with sensitive skin and cruelty free is a bonus!

I found there lipsticks from the freedom system glossy in texture with high shine none of their lipsticks from the freedom system are drying or matte.

If you buy the five piece lipstick palette from Inglot then it will cost you 2,350/- INR including the lipsticks but  if you want to buy them separately then the Palette will cost you 800/- INR and the freedom palette lipsticks are 300 INR each.

The shades that I purchased from freedom palette lipsticks collection are Inglot#27, #09, #45, #56, #69

From Left to Right: #27,#09,#45,#69,#56

Availability: Inglot Store or
Price: Lipsticks 300 INR each / $5 each
Rating: A+;  Paraben free
Packaging: A+


  1. inglot has no matching brand or competitor long way, this brand has quality cosmetics products almost in every store

    1. That's true they are really good but there is one brand that can KRYOLAN!!! :)

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