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Wednesday, March 21, 2012 Haul and Review!!


I recently purchased a lehenga saree from on sale 30%. I always prefer to choose the cash on delivery option until or unless if there is pay pal which is world's best way to pay!

This was the first order that I placed with them and I am pretty happy with the Saree it is very beautiful as you can see in the pictures and I only wish if the quality of the blouse material could have been better. This Saree has Parsi resham work on it which makes it look timeless, It does also reminds you of the Saree which Aishwarya Rai wore in Devdas but the work on this Saree is a little different the colour combination is the same. This Saree costed  5922 INR on 30% Sale and the quality turned out to be pretty good and at this price it's a steal! I placed the order with them on the 10th of March and the delivery was made on the 15th March by Aramex courier service from Chennai. The packaging was done well.

This Saree has been made with three types of materials Net, Velvet & Crepe with Parsi Resham and Sitara work which makes it unique. The colour combination of Red and Navy blue makes the Saree look awesome!! Great for any wedding and celebration.

Off course this is my birthday gift this year by my Husband....Thank you darling!!

I ordered the Saree unfinished and then I got my Saree and Blouse were stitched at my Boutique Ambiance Kreators...
Boutique Website:- Ambiance Kreators

The Saree has been Stitched as per my body dimensions at Ambiance. It took me only two minutes to wear the Saree. All I had to was to wear it like a skirt!! :)

The blouse is padded and stitched at Ambiance. So, I did not need to wear a bustier under it!

It has been a pleasure shopping with and I would love to purchase from them even in the future!!

Availability: on 30% Sale
Price: 5922 INR
Rating: A
Packing: B

Love Surabhi

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