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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Garnier Hypocrisy - Priyanka Chopra featured with Dalmatian!


Shame on Garnier!
Shame on Lo' real!

You must be wondering why I am saying this ... well I say Shame on Garnier and Lo'real first because both have been listed on the PETA.ORG site as the Companies that test on Animals!  

Yes, this is true these companies test their products on animals such: Dogs, Cats, Mice and Monkey's before any product is launched in the market and the hypocrisy is in this statement used in their advertisement -- "His spots I love, but my spots - they just had to Go!" By using these statement they are selling their products which were tested on them.. well that is sick! what kind of hypocrites are they? The most shameless kinds I guess, These companies have been regularly posting these advertisements on newspapers, billboards, Magazines so on and so forth.

The answer is simple they just want money and they have nothing to do with the environment nor they are responsible towards the environment. They are just fakes!!.. GARNIER IS USING A DALMATIAN PUPPY TO SELL THEIR PRODUCTS WHILE THEY HAVE ALREADY TESTED ON ANIMALS!

I have boycotted such companies neither do I use their products now nor do I recommend them but I have only one thing to say > "don't believe what you see in these advertisements  as these companies are selling lies and it doesn't matter to them if the poor puppy dies for a couple of millions they make. SHAME ON THE THEM!

Next time when you see an advertisement like this, always remember!
  • Become more aware.
  • Become a Empowered customer.
  • Know about the company and product background before you buy.
  • Check out if they test on animals?
  • Check out the ingredients whether they are toxic or not?
  • We all have to stop this!!

These companies like Garnier are fooling us and making millions!!


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