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Thursday, February 2, 2012

The New Naked Pallete *2011* Swatches and Dupes!

TOP:The Original Naked Pallete and BOTTOM: The New Naked Pallete 2011
The Naked2 Pallete is also similar but more pigmented.

On Popular demand here are the Swatches for The New Naked Pallete *2011* are below!! You, also don't need to buy The Naked2 Pallete as both are very similar.

I also found the dupes of these shades which are mentioned at the bottom of the page. Need I say More?  :)

You can click on any of the Images below for a Larger View

In Sunlight
With Flash

You can click on any of the Images below for a Larger View

With Flash
In Sunlight

You can click on any of the Images below for a Larger View

In Sunlight
With Flash

I Thank Kejal from Nailartandthings for this dupe list without her it wouldn't have been possible.

Dupes for the Naked Pallete from Inglot!
UD Naked Inglot Dupe
Virgin P 395
Sin P 397
Naked M 390
Sidecar AMC S 46 / DS 463
Buck M 357
Half Baked AMC S 34
Smog P 409
Darkhorse P 422
Toasted AMC S12+ P 399
Hustle P 423
Creep AMC 65
Gunmetal AMC S 47

you can check her website for the swatches on this link ---> The Naked Pallete Dupes

More Dupes:
I recently found out the Mac Carbonised launched with the MAC MAC ME OVER Collection is  dupe of Mac Centrestage launched with the Peacocky collection last year and also the UD Hustle is a dupe of MAC Carbonised. So, if you have any of these you don't need the other one.

Urban Decay Hustle = Mac Carbonised = Mac Centrestage

UD Dupe
Hustle Mac Carbonised
Hustle Mac Centrestage
Hustle Inglot P 423

Swatches and pics:

Mac CentreStage
Mac Carbonised
UD hustle

Inglot P 423
Mac CentreStage
Mac Carbonised
Ud Hustle

Hey, They all look the Same :)

Availability: Naked Pallete -->,
                     Inglot----> Inglot Stores, ShopatMajorbrands
Rating:        Naked Pallete--> A
                     Inglot ----> A+;More pigmented than UD
Packaging:  A+ for both



  1. hey Surabhi..I must bring to attention this site:
    seems they have lifted your entire dupe list off your site incl my work on the naked palette. I would request you to tell her to take it down else report it to google

  2. Thankyou Kejal,

    She has just copied and pasted the content from my blog!!
    thats Plagiarism....

    I will inform google about this!!


  3. Lol Kejal!!! That blog has been removed.. I told her to remove the content or I will sue she got so scared that she removed her blog!!! lol :)))


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