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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Inglot Launches Bridal Collection 2012 (Bronze Collection) - Dupes & Swatches.

Inglot recently launched the bridal collection known as the bronze collection abroad. I was very curious to see it so the other day on the 13th of February I visited the Inglot Store! To my surprise the bridal collection was seriously beautiful and will look good on any complexion, I mean even if you are really fair to really dark this is the collection to go for but I suggest that you wear in the night time and yes, as the name suggests this collection is for Indian Bride's to be or Newly married!

The entire collection has 5 eyeshadows, 2 Lipsticks, 2 Sleek Lipgloss & 1 Eyeliner

Inglot Bridal Collection or Spring Bronze Collection:

Double Sparkle Freedom System Eyeshadows: (300 INR / $5 U.S.)

#609 DS - Chocolate brown eyeshadow with golden sparkles it reminds of the shade called Vivah launched with Athma Quad in the Mac Mickey Contractor collection last year. This eyeshadow is more pigmented then Mac's Vivah.

#608 DS  - Brown eyeshadow with golden sparkles a little lighter than the Mac's vivah shade.

Pearl Freedom System Eyeshadows: (300 INR/ $5 U.S. )

#606P - Is Bronzy gold highlighter with orange undertones perfect for weddings. Possible dupe can be MAC's Old gold pigment or Inglot loose pigment eyeshadow #84

#605P - Is a dupe for Mac Coppering only that it is more orange.

#607P - Is a dupe for Mac Cranberry or Inglot# P 450 only it has orange undertones. You can also call it a red mahogany shade with a frost finish.

Another dupe for #606 P and #607 P is in Chambor trio quad called Rose Shimmer #54. 

If you buy all the 5 eye shadows of Inglot's bridal collection with the Pallete then it will cost you 2,350 INR

From Left to Right: 608 DS, 609 DS, 606P, 605P, 607P

Inglot #P450 and Mac Cranberry are exact dupes
Inglot #P450 is a little darker than #P607

Liquid Eyeliner #19 (650 INR) with a soft pen tip is a brown eyeliner I did not find it metallic and is easily dupable.

Lipsticks are also offered in two new shades: (550 INR)

#276 - Is a Copper bronze shade with orange undertones (* I am in love with this shade), I am sure that this is also dupable and I had one before but lost it. :(

 #277 - Is a Red Mahogany Shade this reminds me of a YSL lipstick I bought last year in april which is called rouge volupte' no#12 and is glossy in texture and it really hurt me when I got to know later that YSL tests on animals but somehow I don't have the courage to throw this lipstick in the dustbin as it costed 3,500 INR *whew duckyfuss %&$#@ but I will never buy YSL anymore.

Sleek Lip Glosses in two new shades with high metallic shine: (560 INR)

#26 - Red Mahogany shade same as the lipstick #266
#27 - Copper bronze Shade with orange undertones same as the lipstick #277

Sleek Lipgloss#26 & #27 (above); Lipsticks #277 & #276 (below)

The entire collection can be easily duped, I have seen a lot of these kind of shades launched with Lakme Bridal collection before and I also had the quad which had the two shades similar to Inglot's  #607P and #606P in it way back in 2001

I also have the Chambor's Rose Shimmer Trio quad which has similar shades. If in case you do not have a Inglot Store nearby as they are not easily available in the U.S. and certain parts of India you can dupe it however if you live in Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta or Chennai - attack the Inglot store today and Grab the Collection!! :)

 Inglot cosmetics are Cruelty free and Paraben free!!

Overall the Inglot Bridal Collection is Beautiful and will suit all Indian women with Fair to Dark Skin Tones. I bought #P 605 which is a lovely dupe for mac coppering.

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