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Monday, February 6, 2012

Inglot DS# 474 Dupe for Mac Sun Blonde

I was looking for a dupe of Mac Sun Blonde and I came across three shades from Inglot that looked pretty alike so I made comparison between Inglot AMC#60, #P 403 and #DS 474.

Inglot# P 403 looks the same as Sunblonde
#AMC 60 and Sun Blonde look like dupes but # P 403 is nowhere close
#AMC 60 is darker than Sun Blonde
#AMC 60 is also a bit darker than #DS 474; # DS 474 has the same colour intensity like Sun blonde

#DS 474 which a also a mustard yellow shade by Inglot seems to be the exact dupe for Sun blonde. Inglot #AMC 60 also looks like a dupe but it is a little bit darker and matched 95% with Sun blonde.

Mac SunBlonde

Nars Mongrove is also a dupe of Sun Blonde
Inglot (Square) Eyeshadows
#AMC 60 and #DS 474 (round eyeshadows)
# DS 474  (round) Superfocused looks like Mac Sunblonde to me

SO, we can easily see that,

MAC Sunblonde = Nars Mongrove = Inglot DS# 474 (100% Match)

Availability: Mac Sunblonde Limited Edition, Inglot DS# 474 any Inglot Store or
Price: MAC 950 INR ($15.50 U.S.) / Inglot 300 INR ($5 U.S)
Rating: A+ for both
Pigmentation: A+ for both
Packaging: A + for both

Love Surabhi

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