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Friday, February 3, 2012

MAC Saffron Dupe Inglot #DS464, Rang De Basanti!

Since Spring has arrived and Summer is on the way I was going through some of  my collection of last year and that was the Surf Baby Collection from MAC. There was eyeshadow called Saffron originally launched with the Mickey Contractor Collection - Thank you Mr. Contractor and then repromoted with the Surf Baby (* Twice in a year that's a big hit!!) Well, It looks like I am still in love with it because it's a beautiful colour for Indian Complexion and you can wear it in the day time and also in the evening.

The other day I was looking for Close Dupes and I came across the Inglot shade #DS 464,Oh my my it's the exact dupe for Saffron and only better and smoother, also more pigmented with golden microglitters however the microglitters are very subtle and doesn't look too loud even when you wear this eyeshadow in the day time!

Mac Saffron VS Inglot# DS 464

Mac Saffron VS Inglot# DS 464 which has more glitter (In Sunlight)
Mac Saffron VS Inglot# DS 464
In Sunlight
With Flash

Inglot # DS 464
Inglot # DS 464
Inglot # DS 464 with Flash

Yes, Colour me Saffron - Rang De Basanti!! that's what I would love to sing this Spring - Summer as Inglot #DS 464 dupe for MAC Saffron has won my heart forever!

                     Would you like to try this look this Valentine?

Availability: Saffron was a limited edition; Inglot#DS 464 is permanent with Inglot. 
Price: MAC - 950 INR/ Inglot - 300 INR
Pigmentation:  Mac A/ Inglot A+
Packaging:  A+ for both

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