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Saturday, January 28, 2012

ShopatMajorbrands Haul & Review

 I recently made a purchase with ShopatMajorbrands for Inglot eyeshadows as there was SALE on all Inglot cosmetics for 20%. Registering with them was very easy happened in just 5 minutes however placing an order for multiple eyeshadows takes a lot of time as you can see only color charts of eyeshadow but not the shade itself! So you need the see swatches of the all eyeshadows first as there is a major difference between the shade charts and the swatches.  I used the website for reference.

I placed order with them on Jan 23rd, Two days after the SALE started for 30 eye shadows and I got the order confirmation by mail within few minutes however their customer service is a bit disappointing as I placed an order for concealer by mistake which I did not need and nobody replied at their toll- free number it just kept ringing and ringing their was no reply and no reply to email as well. So, I couldn't change my order at all which is a major drawback with this web site's customer care. Once the order is placed no changes can be made that's pretty inflexible as you always have this option available when you shop from

I kept calling them for another 3 days no reply via email or phone and I even started thinking that all this is a hoax and the company shut down. I wasn't expecting my order at all however I did receive the parcel unexpectedly on 27th of January morning without any call. Good thing - I was at home! I got the delivery by courier and the package came from Mumbai as their warehouse is located there.

Inglot Eyeshadow haul
Inglot Brow Wax #574
Inglot AMC Cream Concealer-# 60 (Green - to cover redness or pimple/acne marks)

Once I opened up the package there was small box inside in which eye shadows were packed in bubble wrapping and all of them were very beautiful with expiry date of - 11/2014 which was another great news however one eyeshadow was delivered to me damaged and yes, that did break my heart as I really wanted that colour badly Inglot # AMC 61 (Black with Blue Sparkle also a dupe for Mac She Who Dares).

Ingot# AMC 61 - Black with Blue Sparkles ( Received it damaged)

I tried to call their customer care again and somebody did pick up. Now, They picked up? Well I asked the CC guy that I need to change the concealer which I ordered by mistake. They said there is no exchange on cosmetics and sunglasses due to hygiene reasons. Okay, that sounds fair, then I asked him whether they can exchange the damaged eyeshadow that I received and he agreed to and took the sub-order number and arranged a pick up with a courier service for Mumbai with NO CHARGE! (*That's good news no.2)

So, they should be picking up the damaged eyeshadow today. I would say my first experience with ShopatMajorbrands was so so as their customer care is not competent enough and they need to work on their systems as well because I got two eye shadows of the same shade and it happened because there system does not reflect if an eyeshadow or a product has been selected twice. I did give my feedback to them on that and told them that I wasn't very happy with this. I did save some money overall but I suffered from some serious setbacks as well like:

  1. One damaged eyeshadow - Pick up was at 3:00 pm but it happened at 5:00pm.
  2. One concealer I did not need and could not exchange {Bad Customer Service - Nobody picked up the phone :( }
  3. One eyeshadow I ordered twice and I had to pay for them as their system does not reflect duplicate entries,
  4. No Information or Call what so ever about delivery date and time.
  5. No Response from customer care {CC picked up the phone only in 2 calls out 20 that I made :( },
  6. No Response from customer care by email either :( ,
  7. Major Glitche in their system and I got email confirming delivery 31 times on the 27th Jan Morning at 10:56 am after 56 minutes of delivery :( wow, seriously bad customer service, you can't beat this! 
    However this all changed on 31st Jan when I got a call 
    Important Update 31st Jan - I got a call from Business Head Marketing of Majorbrands after he read my blog and not only did he exchange all the 3 items that came by system mistake but also offered a discount voucher of 1000 INR. Wow! That was very nice of him. I got to know that they were shifting offices and that is why the customer care wasn't able to help me out then and the items that I got by mistake will be picked up by courier.

    Now I can say my Experience with them has been fabulous and Inglot eye shadows are Beautiful! I recommend everyone to shop at Majorbrands.

    Availability - ShopatMajorbrands
    Price - On Sale 20% till stocks last.
    Rating for Inglot eyeshadows : A+
    Rating for Customer Care: A+; One Damaged eyeshadow and 3 other items were exchanged. Courier service was sponsored by Majorbrands :)
    Rating for Delivery: A
    Packaging: A

    Awesome customer service skills displayed by ShopatMajorbrands keep it up!!

    Love Surabhi


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