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Friday, January 27, 2012

Amar ToothPaste - 100% Veg, Fluoride Free, Cruelty Free - PETA Certified "Best Vegan ToothPaste"

Active Ingredient - Clove.
Labelled 100% Veg on the Tube and the Carton.

I shopping yesterday at the Big Apple looking for good vegetarian toothpaste and I came across "AMAR Clove Gel Toothpaste", Certified 100% Veg, with active clove, No Fluoride, No Bone Powder and Cruelty free - PETA certified "Best Vegan toothpaste" with a little bunny logo ( Parent Company of The Nature's Co). I was so happy to see this little bunny logo with ears forming into the shape of the heart. I can confidently say that I have seen a lot of toothpastes with 100% Veg Logo but none till now with a PETA Logo in India and I am very happy. I wish to see more products in India like this which do not harm animals for the welfare of human beings! Not only that this Toothpaste was also a International Star Quality Award Winner (Paris).

Quality Award Winner (Paris), Peta Logo - Cruelty free & Vegan, No Bone Powder and ISO Certified.
Non Fluoridated and Active Ingredient - Clove.
Other Ingrediants- Neem, Tulsi, Flavour & Coloured Gel

I read somewhere on a blog for natural toothpastes that many women in the U.S would love to use toothpaste which non- fluoridated and cruelty free! I guess Amar Clove Gel is the answer but unfortunately I have no idea if this product is available in the U.S. I also came to know that many toothpastes or ayurvedic products do write 100% Veg on their box however they may contain "Bone Powder". Now I don't know which toothpaste is that but I will definitely mention it when I am confirmed.

As I mentioned before Amar Ayurvedic Remedies Owns The Nature's Co and is registered with PETA as 100% Vegetarian, Cruelty free company.You can buy some of their ayurveda products from them at this link---->

A Recipe for Homemade Toothpaste is:-

  • 1 Tsp Baking Powder,
  • 1 Tsp Sea Salt - crush it and make it a fine powder mix well,
  • Few drops of essential oil of any of the following - Clove, Sweet Orange, Cinnamon,
  • Few drops of water to make it a paste.

This paste will also whiten your teeth :)

However, This is in case if Amar Clove gel is not Available!

This Toothpaste also comes with a Stand Up Cap for your convenience. When you brush your teeth with this toothpaste it looks like a normal gel in red colour and also tastes like a fresh gel toothpaste with the essence of clove which leaves a minty cooling effect in the mouth just like others available in the market. The cost of this product is 50 INR/ $1 U.S.  Pretty cheap huh? A product that has all the benefits and does not hit your pocket, Lovely! :)

I wish to see more products like this in India with a PETA Logo!

Other Toothpastes by Amar:-

  • Amar Premium Toothpaste Ayurvedic Toothpaste
  • Amar Regular Ayurvedic Toothpaste
  • Amar Whitening Toothpaste

Availability - Big Apple (New Delhi Stores)
Price- 50 INR/ $1 U.S
Packaging- A+
Rating- A+

Love Surabhi


  1. Hi, thanks for the info. Didn't know it was flouride free, though I was familiar with the brand.

    Does it contain SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulphate) ? It makes it foamy while brushing.
    And does it have a strong mint/menthol effect ?
    Is it available in South India also?

    I'll be grateful for your reply. Please mail to kishorerpatil[at]gmail[dot]com


  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Amar toothpaste does foam but not much and has very strong clove essence. It should be available in big apple counters or local chemist and it is also available on for 50 RS/-

    Please chk for the SLS contents on the packaging of the product.


  3. Nice blog. Thanks for sharing. I think Amar Clove Gel is one of the best product right now. I am using Tom’s of Maine Simply White Natural Toothpaste and got nice effort to this product. You can try with this toothpaste.


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