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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pre-bridal beauty consultation with Suparna Trikha for my wedding.

I met Suparna Trikha on a chilly winter day of 11th October 2010 for my pre-bridal consultation. I also met her mother and sister a few days before and all they said was "Darling, you look so pale start eating!"

Yes, the only way to attain a beautiful complexion is by eating and eating right and don’t forget to drink a lot of water.

These were the tips that she advised me to follow in order to have a natural pink glow on my face:

  1. 6:00 am  Cup of Milk with Almonds
  2. 6:30 am  Walk/ Exercise/Yoga
  3. 8:00 am   Breakfast Paratha or Eggs + Some Tea
  4. Eat 5 pieces of fruit daily Apple/Orange/Papaya/Guava
  5. Increase water intake by 2 litres
  6. Apply Sunscreen of SPF 50+ above
  7. Use Basil and Bay Hair Tonic daily to reduce hair loss and dandruff
  8. Use Soap free Shampoo's, Body Wash and Conditioner

And she also recommended me a Queen Pre-Bridal Package for which I had to visit her alternatively for two weeks before the wedding.

The  Queen Prebridal Package Included

  • Vatna with Pure Dals and Herbs,
  • Ubtans With Pure Dals and Herbs,
  • 2 Sets of Cleopatra Hand and Feet Manicure & Pedicure done with Pure Milk, Roses and Sugar,
  • Suparna’s Red Hot Heena to give nice red/ auburn tinge to hair,
  • 3 Sets of Almond and Mint facials to tighten the skin and give life to it,
  • 2 Sets of Head Messages with Pure Bringhraj Oil to nourish the hair,
  • 2 Body Messages with Pure Rose oil and Sandalwood oil on different occasions,
  • Eye Message with Pure Milk Crème and Oils to Make Dark circles vanish.

And I also purchased Exotic Bridal Ubtan with Pure Gold, Roses, Rose Oil, Almonds, Turmeric & Dals, Soap free body washes, Ubtans, Sea Salt, Rose oils, Face Scrub and Rose gel.

Suparna Trikha's Exotic Bridal Ubtan with 22 Karat Gold Leaf, Roses, Rose Oil, Herbs,Turmeric & Dals. Price on Request.

Result: Pink Cheeks.

To get you own bridal consultation with Suparna you can contact her on the following address:-

Suparna Trikha’s Aveda
B-24, Nizzamudin east,
New Delhi -110013
Tel nos: 24355804/ 24358051 

                                       Watch Suparna Trikha on Band Baja Bride....
                                                            Jump to 19:46


  1. Hi, the blog is quite an interesting ... Could you also provide the price for the services and products you have bought from her as the consultation is quite expensive... so if these products are nominal priced we can purchase that and have the benfit...

    Thanks in advance for your help:)

  2. Hi,

    Her consultation fee in 2010 December was for 2000INR and this article is word 2 word based on the consultation I had with her. I don't know the price of her consulation fee now but if you are planning to get married then this article should hopefully help! I will post more about her products in future as I just placed an order with her.

    You can call superna's aveda on their landline and ask about the prices of the products they won't charge you for that!

    Take care :)

  3. Do the shampoos contain sls or sodiun benzoate?what is the preservative base.

  4. The queen prebridal package sounds good.The recipe contains natural products especially essential oils which is much more beneficial for skincare.Please mention the cost for interested please.Thanks

    1. Please call Suparna Trikha's Aveda they keep changing prices of their package annualy!!

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