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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mac Flighty Is Here! (All Limited Edition)

Hi Ladies,  Mac has launched their new short and sweet collection called  Mac Flighty! which Includes a new range of whipped mousse cream based eyeshadows called "Big Bounce Eyeshadows" and Colorful Mascara’s in 4 beautiful colours!!....

The four new Colorful Mascara’s are: (850 INR/ $14 U.S.)

Green is Green: Bottle Green

Blue charged: Dark Blue

High Esteem: Grey

Plum Reserve: Purple

If you missed out on the Mac wonder woman colourful mascara's then grab these as fast as you can as zoom lash is even better to work with and volumises your lashes.  I purchased Blue Charge, Green is Green and Plum Reserve. The first two are even darker and deeper shades than Themyscira and Army of Amazons!!.

Big Bounce Eyeshadows  (1100 INR/ $16.50 U.S.) 

These are available in 16 colours which are:
  • The Cool Elite White with silver pearl
  • Good Fortune Soft pink yellow with pink and silver pearl
  • Reward Yourself Bright peach coral with gold pearl
  • Impeccably Rich Light cream with gold pearl
  • Sizzlin’ Diva Copper with gold pearl
  • Trophy Soft peach with pearl
  • Free as Air Sky blue with silver pearl
  • Spread the Wealth Dirty olive with gold pearl
  • Extra Charged Bright green with multicolour pearl
  • Up the Ante! Rich copper with gold and silver pearl
  • Rich Thrills Dirty silver with multicolor pearl
  • Luxury Touch Violet with gold pearl
  • Count Your Assets Rich blue purple with multicolour pearl
  • My Next Indulgence Forest green with blue and gold pearl
  • Rich, Sweet Chocolate gold with gold pearl
  • Black Diamond Black with gold pearl

Love Surabhi

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