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Friday, September 30, 2011

The *New* Garnier Pure Active Pimple Relief Roll On

Helps drying pimples extra purifying formula!

The New Garnier Pimple Relief Roll On Claims that it has a revolutionary metal roller ball that helps immediately to relieve your pimples. Handy to carry  and easy to use. They claim that it has a revolutionary transparent ultra purifying non greasy formula that consists of salicylic acid and alcohol to dry out pimples and remove pimple marks. Garnier Pimple Relief can applied onto & around the pimples and their marks as they appear. This product has to used regularly for results.

Now, I have been using this product for over a month now and Yes, I would say that it effective. It actually helps to dry out pimples if you apply overnight. It is indeed a non greasy formula to dry out pimples and acne and also helps to fight spots and marks. I sometimes even apply it in the morning before the application of moisturizer. The one which I use in combination with this is Seba Med Clear Skin Gel which also a non greasy pimple fighting gel based moisturizer. If you don’t have that one then use Garnier pimple relief with any oil free/ gel based moisturizer for better results!.

  • It is transparent formula instantly soothes the spots,
  • It feels so cooling when I roll it on, and it dries quickly into the skin and it definitely dries up my spots.
  • It works, in 2-3 days the redness and spots are reduced.
  • The pen is easy to use.
  • The metal roll glides easily on the skin.
  • Does not sting the skin.
  • Very handy

I would give this product an A as it is quite effective on my skin which is oily / combination - very sensitive and acne prone. I have been dealing with acne and pimples since the age of 17 and I know when a product is actually good it is very effective on my skin.

Rating:  A

Packaging: A

Availability: Your Friendly Drugstore  

New Update13/12/11- I recently got to know through that Garnier Products are tested on animals. I shall not be purchasing them anymore. I regret buying this product now!

Swatch of the Product

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