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Monday, September 26, 2011

Mac Quite Cute Collection For Spring 2011 *Limited* Review

The Mac Quite Cute Collection has been launched for spring 2011. It is indeed a cute and small collection for all ages. This collection includes beautiful Pastel Pink, Lavender, Green, Beige. Though this is a collection for spring 2011; I personally think that these colours can be worn throughout the year in any season or you can also say that it is a “Timeless Collection” to suit all ages. Anytime Any wear collection which you can wear without being bothered about how people look at you!.

The Blushes:

The Mac Quite Cute Blushes are really cute to look at simply because they just look like a piece of cake!.. ..Yummy!! you just feel like eating it. However since its not a cake you just need to look at them chooo cute. These Blushes come in cute colours of Pink, Lavender and Beige with a beautiful heart baked into it!!

Sakura and Giggly are the only two blushes I invested on simply because Mischevious hardly showed up on my face. I guess it is only for women with Porcelain Complexions. Both the other colours look beautiful on the cheeks.

Sakura is a Pink shade with lavender tones (Looks like dark pink when you wear it) and looks great if your wearing a lipstick in dark pink or neon pink shade with it like candy yum yum. Below you can see that I am wearing both candy yum yum and sakura. Giggly on the other side is less pinkier and looks great if you wear a beige or lavender coloured lipstick like Playtime and Playing Koi. 

The only drawback that I saw with these blushes is that they have powdery chalky part of blush left around them which is awful lot of waste of product. I don’t understand why it chalks so much?.


Candy Yum Yum is a Matt lipstick of Neon pink colour. It is beautiful Barbie doll colour which would suit more to women with fair to medium complexion. It is quite drying since its Matt in nature so you need to apply lip balm before you apply this shade or you can use a plushglass from this very collection and apply over it to moisturize your lips.

Playtime is a beautiful Cremesheen Lavender Lipstick. It is beautiful lavender that women of any complexion can wear you can match this with I heart you Plushglass which will lighten the shade further and also for moisturizing your lips. 

Playing Koi - A super nude!!...suits everyone at any age!.

All the plush glasses in this collection are adorable you just need to go by your instinct and purchase the colour that you think will suit you more. The most amazing feeling with applying this plush glasses is that they give your lips a tingling chilly feeling and also claim to plush your lips. They come with the signature Mac Vanilla essence which I just love!!!!!.

I Heart You: Is a lavender colour plush glass that can topped over any lipstick of this collection. This plush glass looks best with Playtime and Quite Cute lipstick which are both in the lavender shades.

Bubble Tea: Is a Nude beige colour that can be used on the top of Playing Koi lipstick or any lipstick in Beige or Brown shade.


InSynch: Is a light pink/ nude pink lip liner which is not generally not available with Mac. This Lip liner goes best with any lipstick in pink shade.

Naked: The naked liner perhaps is the beautiful edition in this collection if you love nude lipsticks. Line your lips with the naked liner and then you apply any nude or beige lipstick with it!.

Nail Lacquer:

Mischievous Mint:  A Mint Green coloured Nail lacquer which a creamy matt is the only extraordinary nail lacquer in this collection. This colour is difficult to dupe and is not easily available!. It is a wonderful colour for Spring Summer. 

The Mac Quite Cute Collection is actually a Timeless Collection to suit all ages. Anytime - Any wear collection which you can wear without being bothered about how people look at you!.

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