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Friday, September 30, 2011

The *New* Garnier Pure Active Pimple Relief Roll On

Helps drying pimples extra purifying formula!

The New Garnier Pimple Relief Roll On Claims that it has a revolutionary metal roller ball that helps immediately to relieve your pimples. Handy to carry  and easy to use. They claim that it has a revolutionary transparent ultra purifying non greasy formula that consists of salicylic acid and alcohol to dry out pimples and remove pimple marks. Garnier Pimple Relief can applied onto & around the pimples and their marks as they appear. This product has to used regularly for results.

Now, I have been using this product for over a month now and Yes, I would say that it effective. It actually helps to dry out pimples if you apply overnight. It is indeed a non greasy formula to dry out pimples and acne and also helps to fight spots and marks. I sometimes even apply it in the morning before the application of moisturizer. The one which I use in combination with this is Seba Med Clear Skin Gel which also a non greasy pimple fighting gel based moisturizer. If you don’t have that one then use Garnier pimple relief with any oil free/ gel based moisturizer for better results!.

  • It is transparent formula instantly soothes the spots,
  • It feels so cooling when I roll it on, and it dries quickly into the skin and it definitely dries up my spots.
  • It works, in 2-3 days the redness and spots are reduced.
  • The pen is easy to use.
  • The metal roll glides easily on the skin.
  • Does not sting the skin.
  • Very handy

I would give this product an A as it is quite effective on my skin which is oily / combination - very sensitive and acne prone. I have been dealing with acne and pimples since the age of 17 and I know when a product is actually good it is very effective on my skin.

Rating:  A

Packaging: A

Availability: Your Friendly Drugstore  

New Update13/12/11- I recently got to know through that Garnier Products are tested on animals. I shall not be purchasing them anymore. I regret buying this product now!

Swatch of the Product

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

MAC SURF, BABY! Collection Next to be Launched in India But When?

It has  been 2 months that I have been waiting for this collection to launch in India. However there is no sign of surf baby!!...Where is this collection? When is it getting launched?... I asked the Mac Sales team….Every time I called the dates changed. First they said 1st week of August, then mid of August and then end of August;  Entire august past by but no sign of the collection!
Then I again called them in the month of September and they said that it will available mid of September now its almost the 28th of September and still no sign of it….!!. I just called today and I got reply that it will take another 15 days!! *phew I really wonder if they are ever going to launch this particular collection in India but I have my fingers crossed!.
This collection has a summer and beach theme to it which actually has no use for us now as it is already autumn however some products might still come in handy like the blush and the eyeshadows!. This collection became a hit in the states for its Skin sheen Bronzer Sticks and Studio Careblend/Pressed Powders.  It is for every women who wants to have a tanned and bronzed skin!!

The Surf, Baby collection in detail & Prices *Limited Edition*

Surf, Baby! Cheek Powder ($28.00 U.S. /1660 INR)
  • My Paradise Peach pressed powder with gold hibiscus overspray

Lipsticks ($15.50 U.S. /1050 INR)

  • Bust Out! Dirty mid-tone violet (Lustre) 
  • Hibiscus Bright orange coral (Cremesheen) 
  • Mocha Peachy yellow-brown (Satin) (Permanent)
  • Naturally Eccentric Creamy white nude (Lustre) 

    Lipglass ($15.50 U.S. /1000 INR)

    • Girl on Board Pale white gold 
    • Good Lovin’ Soft peachy pink 
    • Krazy Kahuna Warm mid-tone brown 
    • Strange Potion Soft coral pink 

    Crushed Metallic Pigment Stacks ($32.50 U.S. /2050 INR)

    • Summer Stash Light pink champagne, light white pearl, light violet with silver pearl, brown bronze with gold pearl (Frost)
    • Surf the Ocean Frosty platinum, light yellow green, gold bronze, dirty graphite with silver pearl (Frost)

      Eyeshadows ($15.50 U.S./ 950 INR)

      • Saffron Deep coral brown (Satin) (Repromote from micky contactor collection)
      • Short Shorts Frosty white (Frost) 
      • Sun Blonde Yellow gold (Frost) 
      • Surf U.S.A. Frosted teal (Frost)
      • Swell Baby Mid-tone grey (Satin) 

        Powerpoint Eye Pencil ($15.50 U.S./1050 INR)
        • Blue Noon Teal with gold pearl
        • Gilded White Yellow white frost

        Pigments ($19.50 U.S. /1300 INR)

        • Naked Fleshy beige with golden copper pearl (Permanent)
        • Melon Soft bright golden peach (Permanent)

        Splashproof Lash Mascara ($14.00 U.S. / 850 INR)
        • Blacksplash Black (Permanent)

        • Eyeshader brush ($32 U.S./ 1500 INR)

        Nail Lacquer ($13.50 U.S. /760 INR)

        • Hangin’ Loose Dirty pink nude
        • Ocean Dip Mid-tone creamy Aqua

        Suntints SPF 20 Liquid Lip Balm ($15.50 U.S. /Might not be launched in India)
        • Full of Grace Soft sheer rose
        • Pink Tinge Clean bright yellow pink with gold pearl
        • Lilt of Lily Soft creamy pale pink

        MAC Skinsheen Bronzer Stick ($29.50 U.S. / India Price not Available)

        • Tan-tint Soft suntan bronze
        • Billionaire Bronze Warm golden tan
        • Guilty Bronze Coppery bronze with gold shimmer
          MAC Bronzing Powder ($24.00 U.S. / India Price not Available)
          • Solar Riche Mid-tone deep orange brown
          • Refined Golden Finely spun gold with soft pearl finish (Permanent)

          Studio Careblend Presses Powder ($28 U.S./ India Price Not Available) 

          • Gold-Go-Lightly Mid-tone golden tan brown

          • Lush-Light Bronze Mid-tone rosy pink brown

          Bags (MAC Stores Only)

          • Surf, Baby! 1 ($28.00 U.S. / India Price Not Available)

          • Surf, Baby! 2 ($28.00 U.S. / India Price Not Available)

            HAPPY SHOPPING!!
            LOVE XOXO

            Monday, September 26, 2011

            Mac Quite Cute Collection For Spring 2011 *Limited* Review

            The Mac Quite Cute Collection has been launched for spring 2011. It is indeed a cute and small collection for all ages. This collection includes beautiful Pastel Pink, Lavender, Green, Beige. Though this is a collection for spring 2011; I personally think that these colours can be worn throughout the year in any season or you can also say that it is a “Timeless Collection” to suit all ages. Anytime Any wear collection which you can wear without being bothered about how people look at you!.

            The Blushes:

            The Mac Quite Cute Blushes are really cute to look at simply because they just look like a piece of cake!.. ..Yummy!! you just feel like eating it. However since its not a cake you just need to look at them chooo cute. These Blushes come in cute colours of Pink, Lavender and Beige with a beautiful heart baked into it!!

            Sakura and Giggly are the only two blushes I invested on simply because Mischevious hardly showed up on my face. I guess it is only for women with Porcelain Complexions. Both the other colours look beautiful on the cheeks.

            Sakura is a Pink shade with lavender tones (Looks like dark pink when you wear it) and looks great if your wearing a lipstick in dark pink or neon pink shade with it like candy yum yum. Below you can see that I am wearing both candy yum yum and sakura. Giggly on the other side is less pinkier and looks great if you wear a beige or lavender coloured lipstick like Playtime and Playing Koi. 

            The only drawback that I saw with these blushes is that they have powdery chalky part of blush left around them which is awful lot of waste of product. I don’t understand why it chalks so much?.


            Candy Yum Yum is a Matt lipstick of Neon pink colour. It is beautiful Barbie doll colour which would suit more to women with fair to medium complexion. It is quite drying since its Matt in nature so you need to apply lip balm before you apply this shade or you can use a plushglass from this very collection and apply over it to moisturize your lips.

            Playtime is a beautiful Cremesheen Lavender Lipstick. It is beautiful lavender that women of any complexion can wear you can match this with I heart you Plushglass which will lighten the shade further and also for moisturizing your lips. 

            Playing Koi - A super nude!!...suits everyone at any age!.

            All the plush glasses in this collection are adorable you just need to go by your instinct and purchase the colour that you think will suit you more. The most amazing feeling with applying this plush glasses is that they give your lips a tingling chilly feeling and also claim to plush your lips. They come with the signature Mac Vanilla essence which I just love!!!!!.

            I Heart You: Is a lavender colour plush glass that can topped over any lipstick of this collection. This plush glass looks best with Playtime and Quite Cute lipstick which are both in the lavender shades.

            Bubble Tea: Is a Nude beige colour that can be used on the top of Playing Koi lipstick or any lipstick in Beige or Brown shade.


            InSynch: Is a light pink/ nude pink lip liner which is not generally not available with Mac. This Lip liner goes best with any lipstick in pink shade.

            Naked: The naked liner perhaps is the beautiful edition in this collection if you love nude lipsticks. Line your lips with the naked liner and then you apply any nude or beige lipstick with it!.

            Nail Lacquer:

            Mischievous Mint:  A Mint Green coloured Nail lacquer which a creamy matt is the only extraordinary nail lacquer in this collection. This colour is difficult to dupe and is not easily available!. It is a wonderful colour for Spring Summer. 

            The Mac Quite Cute Collection is actually a Timeless Collection to suit all ages. Anytime - Any wear collection which you can wear without being bothered about how people look at you!.

            Thursday, September 22, 2011

            Nail Extensions - Beautify Your Hands

            Nail Extensions are probably one of most beautiful innovation for women. Especially Women like me who have brittle nails. I always wanted my nails long and strong but I had to really struggle to keep them healthy and long. For a maximum of 3 months they would fine but then they would detoriate. My makeup artist suggested me that I can go for Nail extensions as they are acrylic and stay strong. You can keep them in whatever shape you like. So I went ahead and got nail extensions done just before my wedding last year!

            What are NAIL EXTENSIONS?

            Nail extensions are acrylic nails that are bonded with natural nails with nail glue right at the tip of the natural nail bed. You can keep the length of the nails as per your requirement. Then a powder based substance is mixed with primer and applied on the entire nail bed to create an illusion of natural nails. After that buffing is done thoroughly so that a smooth surface is created without any bumps. Then nails have to be dried in the dryer system they keep with them.

            This entire process is laborious and takes up to an hour but the results are beautiful. You get strong long nails which are unbreakable. I don’t mean you take a stone and pound on them off course they will break!! But what I mean is that you can do you daily chores like clean the dishes, wash clothes, type & write and they won’t break and will last up to 6 months. 

            These Acrylic nails come in two types:
            • Natural
            • French Manicure/ White Tip 

            The Natural ones looks exactly like natural nails and you can use any nail lacquer on them to make them look pretty whereas The French Manicure /White Tip ones look like as if you just got a fresh new French Manicure done. You can also apply nail lacquer if you want to change the look.

            All types and brand of nails lacquers look great on both of these nails but the Matt creamy ones are the one which are a little difficult to apply on them. Also make sure that you use Nail Polish remover for Sensitive / Artificial nails only otherwise your acrylic nails will chip or break off your natural nail bed.

            The other thing that you have take care of is that make sure fillings done every month because your natural nails keep growing and the natural nail bed remains healthy no harm is done. When 6 months are up or if you fed up of your nail extensions and get them removed at the nail parlor!

            Many Actresses and Model’s prefer them as they are easy to maintain. It is also great option for Wedding’s and Engagement. I got them done for this purpose and they looked great with every outfit. I JUST LOVE THEM!

            Do’s And Don’ts


            Do apply a natural nail lacquer before you apply any other otherwise the colour will not come off completely when you remove it. 

            Do use a nail polish remover for sensitive and artificial nails only. 

            If you see any kind of green patches or discoloration on your nails get them removed immediately and visit a dermatologist.


            Don’t Pound it with a hammer or something or against the wall because they will break and chip off and will also hurt your natural nail bed.

            Don’t keep them more them 6 months.

            Don't Ignore signs of infection - any residue or green patches.


            Simar’s Nail Bar  Price 3200 INR - Select City Walk Saket, New Delhi

            Nails N More        Price 2100 INR - Select City Walk Saket, New Delhi

            There are many other nails bar’s located in India & Abroad you can look them up in the yellow pages.

            Wednesday, September 21, 2011

            Mac Quite Cute Collection For Spring 2011'

            The Mac Quite Cute Collection was meant for the Spring of 2011' however it was launched later in India.  Why are all Mac Collections Launched So late in India?. This collection has a total of 3 Blushes, 3 Nail Lacquers, 5 Lipsticks only 4 were launched, 4 Plush glasses,One Cutie Eyeshadow Quad which has 4 Eye shadows. The Penultimate Liner was Repromoted and The Zoom Lash Mascara in Black was Launched. Mac was also suppose to launch Fake Lashes with this collection but I didn't find them here at any outlet!!.

            This Collection In Detail

            Mineralize Blush ($23 U.S./ 1400 INR)

            • Giggly  Light pink with a plum heart baked into it.
            • Sakura  Lavender with deep magenta heart baked into it.
            • Miss Behave Light Beige with mint green heart Baked into it.

            Lipstick ($14.50 U.S/ 990 INR )
            •  Playing Koi  Peachy Pink (Satin)
            • Candy Yum Yum  Neon Pink (Matt)
            • Quite Cute Lavender (Cremesheen)
            • Play Time Light Violet (Cremesheen)
            Plushglass ($18.50 U.S./ 1150 INR)

            • Fashion Fanatic  Pale pink
            • Bubble Tea  Pale Nude
            • Girl ♥ Boy  Blueish Pink
            • I ♥ U Creamy Lavender

            Lip Pencil ($13 U.S./820 INR)
            • In Synch Light pink
            • Naked Totally Naked
            • Bodly Bare Reddish brown

            Cutie Eyeshadow Quad ($36 U.S./ 1600 INR)
            • Moshi Moshi  Pale white
            • Goody Goody Gum Drop Light pink
            • Boycrazy Lavender
            • Azuki Bean Light violet

            Nail Laquer ($14 U.S./ 720 INR)
            • Ice Cream Cake  Pastel pink
            • Little Girl Type Pastel lavender
            • Mischievous Mint green

            This collection is actually quite cute with beautiful pastel shades. I really enjoyed buying some of them myself and have used it. I will be writing a review on it shortly based on my personal experience!.

            My Favourites from this collection has been the Blushes - Giggly and Sakura. I love just applying the Lipsticks and Plush glasses. Candy Yum Yum is a irresistible shade if you are on fairer side go for it!.This Collection is still available at the Mac stores in India so grab them while you still can!.

            Love Surabhi xoxo

            Monday, September 19, 2011

            Bourjois Green Smokey Eyes (08 Vert Trendy) Dupe for Mac Wonder Women Valiant ?

            The Bourjois Smokey Eye Trios Palletes are awesome they are highly pigmented and come in lovely shades such as 01 Gris dandy,02 Boroque,03 Mordore chic, 04 Nude Ingene,05 Rose vintage,06 Romantic violet 07 Bleu rock, 08Vert Trendy, 09 Lady Vert de gris, 11 Bleu jean, 12 Gris lilac.

            They haven't launched the No.11 Bleu Jean trio in India yet and I was looking for that!!....I don't know why they ignore india???.... Anyways I bought Vert trendy from Bourjois counter at kunchals GK-1 M Block and I realised that the shade of Vert Trendy were similar to the 2 shades in the Mac Wonder Women Limited Edition - Valiant Pallete!!.. which are Valiant and Diana Undercover....

            I applied the Bourjois Trio 08 Vert Trendy eyeshadow and the look of green smokey eyes was similar to the wonder women valiant look...I realised that it is a dupe for it!!..

            All those Beautiful Women who missed out on the Mac Wonder Women Valiant Pallete which costed Rs 2580/- can go ahead enjoy this Trio Pallete from Bourjois and Its Permanent!! :)))))))))

            Price: Rs 645/-
            Availability: 10 colours
            Rating: A
            Packaging: B

            Garnier Anti Dark Circles Eye Roll On 2-IN-1 Tinted Care *New*

            Before Application of Garnier Anti Dark Circles Eye Roll

            Application of the product
            After Application of Garnier Anti Dark Circles Eye Roll On 2-IN-1 Tinted Care

            A few days ago I purchased the Garnier Skin Naturals Anti Dark Circles Tinted Care which was recently launched in India. This product claims that it has a refreshing roll on with dual anti- dark circles action. It is concentrated with mineral pigments and instantly covers dark circles and it is also enriched with caffeine and pure lemon essence known for its brightening and hydrating properties!

            Well I agree!!! It is a wonderful product and I have seen instant results. It not only covers your dark circles but also treats them. I bought mine in fair skin colour and my husband like it so much that he started using it himself every morning!!.... So I went ahead and bought him another from the drug store in Medium colour which suits him more.

            You can the see Pictures above and make out the difference yourself. This product can also be used as a concealer under Makeup

            Overall it is a  really good product. Don't Miss it!!

            Price: 199 INR/$4 U.S.
            OR Buy Garnier Light Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roll On from Rs 179/-

            Availability: Your Friendly Drug Store

            Colour Availability: Fair and Medium

            Rating: A +

            Packaging: A

            New Update13/12/11- I recently got to know through that Garnier Products are tested on animals. I shall not be purchasing them anymore. I regret buying this product now!

            OPI shade -Teal The Cows Come Home

            DAY 1
            O.P.I Nail Lacquer -Teal The Cows Come Home (Rs 620/- for 0.50 fl. oz.) is described as a beautiful Teal with tiny silver micro-shimmer and has a glossy finish.
            O.P.I Nail polishes have been voted as one the best nail polishes in the world!!. Well to know the difference I did try it on and the results were mind blowing! O.P.I shades are not only easy to apply but also are fast drying. They kind of have glossy textures and don't chip of easily like other brands. I have been wearing this nail polish from almost a week now and my nails look perfect!....
            A colour like this is easy to dupe but the quality of this product is far better than other brands it doesn't chip and fades away easily. So this a better product for working women who don't have much time to groom themselves much everyday! This is a Spring colour and will look very good in summer's too. This shade will complement fair to medium skin tones.

            Price:Rs 620/-

            Availability: Any Nail Bar/eBay
            OR Buy from for Rs 520/-

            Rating: A+

            Packaging: A+

            Some more photos:

            DAY 7

            DAY 7
            Love Surabhi

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