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Q: Which Country are you from?
A: I Am from New Delhi, India.

Q: What Do I Do?
A: I Run a Boutique called Ambiance Kreators. I am Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur by Profession.

Q: Can I place an order for the Boutique with you?
A: Yes, you can fix an appointment me and we can design your beautiful outfit!

Q: Can you Supply Superna Trikha Products? Or Can you Please tell me if you can open Superna Trikha's branch in our city?
A: No, I cannot supply her products and I cannot open her branch in your city since, I am just a client of Superna Trikha and I love her products, I run a Boutique in SarvPriya Vihar.

Q: Madam, I have a complain about Superna's Products, The containers are not properly Labeled?
A: Sorry, this is not the Complain Department or Customer Care Centre for Superna Trikha. I run a Boutique and I have nothing to do with the Supply of Superna's Products. I am just a Fan of Her products so I wrote a couple of Blog posts about Her and Her Products.

Q: I would Like to Place an order for Floral Jewellery?
A: Yes, you can Place an order with me. I can also design it for you!

Q: Where else can I Place an order for Floral Jewellery?
A: You can Place your order at the following Addresses or Phone Numbers :

  1. FNP Tahiliani - G-61, Select Citywalk Mall, Saket, New Delhi - 11001Contact: 9999999166, 9999999177, 011-41838492, 41838494.
  2. FNP Tahiliani - Ambience Mall, NH-8, Gurgaon, Haryana,  Contact +91-9999999166,177.

Q: How much will Floral Jewellery Cost me?
  • FNP Tahiliani - INR 40,000/ $754 (The reason why they are more expensive is because their jewellery is first sold by the brand name "Ferns and Petals Tahiliani" and also because their jewellery is more intricate beaded with pearls and  fresh flowers and available in many designs. They also make it available in artificial flowers so that you can keep on repeating the jewellery on many occasions and that seems like a great idea!!!   
  • Surabhi Lal Designer Floral Jewellery - That's me price: INR 2500 to INR25000/-, Floral Jewellery will be 3 times more costlier in the winters as the season of delicate flowers is over and they have to imported.

Q: When Should I place an order with them?

A: Tahiliani - Please Inform them 2 Month's Ago.
Surabhi Lal Designer Floral Jewellery - Please inform atleast 1 month ago. It become difficult   manufacture and deliver on time with quality.

Q: Can you ship to U.S.A. or U.K.?

A: I have been receiving a lot of queries specifically from U.K. and U.S.A, that if I can ship fresh  floral jewellery to their country. Unfortunately I cannot do so because of the nature of the flowers as they will wilt on the way to other countries.

Also as per U.S.A./U.K. laws you cannot ship anything living or biological in the mails or parcels in order to protect their international borders.

Q: Can you design Artificial floral jewellery for me?
A: Currently I am very busy with a lot of projects so, I cannot manufacture artificial floral jewellery for brides.

Q:  Can You Ship Fancy Jewellery Internationally?
A: Yes, I can please see my eBay page on my blog, If you like something I will ship it to your country. I am also planning to setup a e- commerce website so that I can display more designs in future.

Q: Where did you buy your Crown or Tiara from?
A: I purchased my Tiara from "Swarovski" ; It was a limited edition replica of Late Princess Diana.

Q: Where did you Purchase your Kalira's From?
A: I purchased my Kalira's from BG's South Extension, New Delhi.

Q: Where did you Purchase your Chooda's From?
A: I purchased My Chooda's from Frontier Raas, South Extension.

Q: Where did you Purchase you Bridal Lehenga from?
A: I purchased My Bridal Lehenga's from Palki Boutique, Kolkata and Frontier Raas, New Delhi.

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