Thursday, February 23, 2017

Beautiful Goddess Crystal Jewellery

Do you want to Bring out your Divine Feminine and Goddess in you ? Have confidence in and enjoy your beautiful self and enhance your charisma?

Look more beautiful and charismatic with these beautiful crystal jewellery!! You will look like a stunner.. It happened to me, all of sudden I was the centre of attraction at the pool side..

Always Believe in these positive affirmations and manifest them into your life: 

☆ Accept and appreciate the feminine
☆ Enhance your charisma
☆ Invite wonderful things into your life; welcome success, love, peace, joy and bliss
☆ Experience success
☆ Encourage a positive life
☆ Attract love wherever you go
☆ Know that you are safe
☆ Love the world
☆ Have true friendships
☆ Attract prosperity and luxury
☆ Cultivate healthy chakras
☆ Encourage spiritual enlightenment
☆ Be an inspiration
☆ See beauty everywhere and love all beauty

Though I was wearing them at the pool avoid dipping your jewellery in saline or chlorinated water if you don't wish you spoil the golden polish on it and you jewellery will last longer !! :)))

Care for your jewellery:

Do Not Wash.
Do not dip your feet in water while wearing these as the polish on gold polish can rub off 
keep them separately in a bubble packing, if you wish keep them nice and shiny for many years to come.
Clean them with a dry tissue or soft cloth.

My personal experience.

I received these anklets in excellent condition within 40 days of purchase through India Post. They were directly mailed to my address from the China Seller. 

Packing was very good in a bubble bag. I recommend Ali express seller: Best Lady Jewellery Store

Thank-you Aliexpress !!! 

You can purchase these anklets from “Aliexpress”  A shopping app by Alibaba

Price: INR 1500/- a pair

Location: Cowrie Shell Beach Apartments, Bamburi Beach, Mombasa
                  Sarova Beach Resort, Bamburi Beach, Mombasa


  1. Crush me under your holy feet Goddess...

  2. Jewellery bahut hi acchi hai, infact unique bhi hai 👍👍
    Mera Aliexpress ka experience accha nahi raha kyunki ek to ye COD option nahi rakhty, secondly maine 3 baar card Se pay kiya, accept bhi kiya, paise bhi kaat liye lakin fir bola ki payment approve nahi hui 😢
    Nyways kaafi pyaari dikhti hain aap 😍😍

  3. ji chahta hai apna sab kuck aapke charno mai rakh du ....aur aapke chano ka daas ban jau

  4. aapke paon dekhe bada accha laga, bahut haseen hain aapke paon... inko zameen pai mat utariyega, maile ho jainge ....

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  6. devi mujhe aapke charno ka amrit peena hai

  7. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.

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