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Biba and Mehendi Tattoo LOTD

"Life is too short for ugly looking feet!!"

Karva Chauth, is considered a must follow tradition in many orthodox families of India, but over the passage of time it has lost its credibility. Many now believe that if a wife fasts the entire day it has no scientific or practical correlation with husband's age!

Above all women nowadays are professionals and it is not possible for them to stay hungry and thirsty the entire day and also work at the same time. Many husbands now forbid their wives to keep it. I do agree with @mrsfunnybones - Twinkle Khanna. She tweeted that "Men abroad have a more healthier and longer life though their wives do not follow Karvachauth!!"

Tradition Behind Karvachauth 

Karva Chauth, one of many Hindu festivals, is a fasting ritual observed by all married Hindu women who seek the longevity, prosperity and well-being of their husbands. This festival is very popular amongst married Hindu women in the western and northern parts of India, primarily in Punjab, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. During the Karwa Chauth festival, married Hindu women dedicate the day to their husbands. 

This festival is typically celebrated immediately after the autumn harvest. This is the best time to meet friends and relatives and exchange gifts. During this festival parents send various gifts to their married daughters. Karwa chauth is celebrated in different ways depending on the region where a person lives. During this festival, jewelry, clothes and gifts are received from both the woman's mother-in-law and mother. All married women wear wedding day or new ethnic outfits, once again apply bridal mehndi or alta. Married Hindu women dedicate the day to their husbands. Normally, women who observe this festival are called "Saubhagyavati" meaning "joyous and happy status of wifehood.

Karwa chauth is a very important as well as a difficult fast that all married Hindu women observe. The festival begins just before sunrise and ends after worshiping the moon and doing prayers at night. No water or food can be consumed once the sun rises. The fast is only broken after seeing the moon and after all rituals of that particular day have been performed. When the moon has appeared, women break the fast after they have offered water to the moon.

Worshipping - The Moon With A Sieve !!

Metropolitan Life 

My husband never wants me to keep a fast on Karvachauth, he says if you really love your wife how can you ask her to stay hungry and thirsty the entire day for you?  karvachauth definitely does not increase the husband’s longevity. It should be vice versa and husband’s should exercise regularly, follow a good diet plan and get rid of their bellies, that will definitely increase their lifespan and they should be fasting instead!!

He advised me to, look pretty and dress up like a bride but don’t fast. instead to bought me new Kurti from Biba! Isn't he a sweetheart?  love him... He’s one in a million!!

What am I wearing?

  • Golden filigree earrings from Tribe by Amrapali
  • Blue Bangles purchased Hauz Khas Market
  • Red cotton polyester Kurti from Biba
  • Royal Blue Dhoti from Ambiance Kreators
  • Gold Plated Silver Ghunghru Anklets/ Payal
  • Golden Toe Rings from Anuradha Art,
  • Golden Faux Kundan Antique Rings
  • Mehendi Tattoo.

Mehendi Tattoos

I purchased Mehendi Tattoos this year instead and applied it on my hands and feet. Mehendi definitely takes more time whereas Mehendi tattoo is very easy to apply it take about 10 minutes for application and so does Alta!!

These tattoos are just like a sticker bindi’s and reusable. They are available in multiple colours to match or contrast your outfit. They are  also very delicate therefore not advised for rough usage. You can even wear them to a wedding !

Tip: In case the glue runs out use a body glue or an eyelash glue to stick them for longer period of time. Then they won’t come off till you want them too..

Golden filigree earrings from Tribe by Amrapali

Colourful Bangles !!!

Price: They are very affordable!! The price of Mehendi Tattoo is Rs 50/- a pair and for Alta is Rs 15/- for 50 ml much cheaper than what a mehendi wala takes per hand.

"I hope you enjoyed celebrating Karvachauth following your own customs and rituals!!"

PS: In case you wish purchase a similar set as I am wearing and if Biba is out of stock, you can get it custom stitched at our boutique ambiance kreators, Please call Mr Anirudh Lal at +98 100 78906

TOP: Biba
Pajama: Myntra
Earrings: TribebyAmrapali


  1. your holy feet are my new religion

  2. i am not sure if i should share this or not, but since you have a part in it, i am sharing my experience, i came across your blog in 2015 read your post 'goddess' and them i forgot about this blog, but i guess it stayed in my subconscious ..... this karvachauth was best karva chauth for me, my wife adorned herself from the gold ornaments that i worked so hard to buy, she adorned her feet with alta and gold anklet, i brought her silver foot-chain anklet etc. , i also bought a 'Mukut' that Goddess' wear ... she was looking like a Goddess and at that moment i had this crazy impulse to worship her as my Goddess, so i sat her down on sofa, brought agarbatti and dia and started doing her aarty, she was to shocked to react, for a moment she thought i have gone insane ... and then i kept my male ego aside, did a dandwat pranaam at her feet , with my fore head resting on her feet and told her
    "you are my goddess, i love you more than my life" ... i had tears in my eyes when i said this and i kissed her feet with devotion after words ... Suddenly, i felt some liquid type stuff on back of my head, when i looked up , my wife was crying profusely ... she threw away her mukut and grabbed my knees ... now i was in shock ... i thought she got offended with my devotion or may be i crossed the line ... turned out , she was crying due to guilt ... she was having an affair with someone whom i considered a friend ... i did not ask her if it got physical , i dont think i can handle it ... but she promised me that it is done, she will never see that man again, and i too have told that snake in the grass never to see his face to me again .... I wonder if i did not worshipped my wife, may be would've kept on having affair ....i dont know how much that Goddess post influenced me to worship her .... but it certainly contributed .... thank you surabhi ma'am you saved my marriage ....i fold my hands and bow my head at your feet and thank you from the bottom of my heart .....

    - Ranjeet Sharma

  3. Goddess, i hope your husband realises what a Goddess you are and worships your feet ....btw please share what he feels about his wife getting worshiped by thousands of men

  4. Goddess, does your husband worships your holy feet ??

  5. Its really fascinating to see a woman getting worshiped after she says 'I am not a Goddess' you are amazing Surabhi ji, its really commendable to see a grounded and well educated woman like to getting the praise she deserves.

  6. i am pretty sure your husband understands that his wife is a Goddess and give you the respect you deserve. You deserve the utmost respect divine Goddess, i am fairly certain your lucky husband worships your precious feet as he should. All men should bow at your feet.

  7. These jewellery pieces look so fabulous! I've recently seen some stunning golden jewellery items at jewellery store in India . I wish I had them all:)

  8. very informative post for me as I am always looking for new content that can help me and my knowledge grow better.

  9. meri ek guzarish hai... aap please apne paon ke neeche mujhe panah dein

  10. Very nice and attractive. I am very crazy about jewels.

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