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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Valentine's Day Sale: Trenchcoats by Mango

Mango is a clothing company from Barcelona, Spain with 8600 stores worldwide. Mango is well known for its clothing specially their winter wardrobe. This Valentine's there is a Sale of Upto 70% on Mango website. I think a Trench coat will make a wonderful gift for your wife or lover...

Mango's quality is unbeatable, There clothing and winter wear will last you a decade. I think it is a really good idea to invest in Mango right now and add something to your wardrobe for next winters and since winters are still chilly in Delhi it would be a great idea to wear one on your Valentine Date.

I purchased one on sale recently and as you can see it will look great on Valentine's Day. Pair up your Mango Trench coat with a little Black dress, Skirt or Jeans. I have paired mine with a Sweatshirt, Boots and Jeans from Zara. I am also wearing a swarovski waist-belt which adds extra charm to the evening look.

This combination will look great on any chilly evening otherwise I would recommend a short dress to pair with it!!

Trenchcoat: Mango
Sweatshirt: ThetshirtCompany
Jeans: Zara
Boots: Slings & Strings
Jewellery: Khanna Jewellers
Waistbelt: Swarovski
Makeup: SheerCover, Inglot and Colorbar

Huge Mango Sale on Winter Coats and Jackets for this Valentine !!!

 Visit >>>>>>>Mango Shop India<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< OR


  1. You are looking like the Actress of a Bond movie , what amazing looks you've got Miss.

  2. Hi..

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    1. Hello, Ananya I will surely join you on Facebook page - fashionistas!!, Thank you for the invitation :)


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