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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wedding Times: The Silk Kanjivaram Saree - Kalyanam Saree

Kalyanam in tamil means marriage a holy bond. India has diversified cultures and so are the traditions. The Punjabi Bride wears a Suit, Rajasthani Bride wears a Lehenga and a U.P. Bride wears a Saree.

Tamil brides wear beautiful Silk and Kanjivaram Saree a traditional saree which is weaved by craftsmen 
of Kanchipuram and look extremely royal as they weaved along with gold zari thread and sometimes with real gold and silver thread. Therefore these sarees are very expensive, A single Kanchipuram sari can cost anywhere between INR 2,500 (US$38) to INR 10,0000 (US$1,500) or more depending upon the intricacy of work, colors, pattern, material used like zari, gold thread etc.

Kanchipuram saris woven with heavy silk and gold cloth are considered to be special and are worn on occasions and festivities only. Many people think that only south Indian brides wear it however even I have a few Kanjivaram sarees which I would love to wear on any festive occasion. North Indian women enjoy wearing these sarees as much as women from the southern India.

Palam Silks was the official sponser for the move Chennai Express. If you have seen the movie Deepika Padukone is wearing one of the most beautiful Kanchivaram Silk Sarees and Half and Half Sarees created by them.

Deepika in Chennai Express sponsored by Palam Silks.

Palam Silks Kanchipuram Saree.

Deepika as Tamil Bride.

Deepika Wearing Traditional Bharatnatyam Dress made by Palam Silks.

Deepika Wearing Traditional Bharatnatyam Dress made by Palam Silks.

Deepika Padukone in Half and Half Saree.

Deepika Padukone and SRK displaying the Kanjivaram saree she wore in the movie "Chennai Express."

Here is collection by Sri Palam Silks specifically weaved for Kalyanam also featured in the magazine Wedding Vows, April edition this year. If you wish to purchase this issue then you can do so with


Extremely beautiful collection by Sri Palam Silks. I wish I could purchase just one of them!


  1. What a classic discussion about vivid sarees as what the Indian women get throughout their married life, have a look to such kind of sarees through online saree shopping

  2. This is really an incredible post. Beautiful sarees and beautiful pics. Silk sarees are trending now a day's. Especially in South India, Most of the women like to wear silk sarees.

  3. Hi Surabhi! Good article, I see that you like Kangivaram silk sarees, this store named pothys in chennai (known for ethnic wear) has made it so much easier for people living outside Chennai/ Tamil Nadu to buy online through Skype shopping. You should definitely try this!! It is

  4. Buying sarees online is a better technique for shopping. The good thing is that the datailed description of the product is available which also increases the knowledge about the product and the variety of it.

  5. Hello Bhusan,

    You are right!! I always shop online myself.


  6. Palam silk saree looking awesome. I have number of silk designer sarees collection but I don't have palam silk saree.

    1. Hello Kalazone,

      I am sorry for replying late I was traveling. Do buy one Kanjivaram Saree!!

  7. Kanjivaram sarees are the classical sarees among all others. The decency of it simply can be seen from it. The deepika one is the best one. Loved it.

  8. Hello Jomso,

    I am sorry for replying late I was traveling. Do buy one Kanjivaram Saree.

  9. The wedding day is timeless day and every bride makes it more memorable by wearing the Silk sarees that gives a true natural indication in the face of others.
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  14. Lovely Collection! All these Designer Sarees India bear a touch of unique ethnicity and tradition which makes them all the more graceful and flexible to wear on any given occasion be it a party or a wedding ceremony. Thanks for share.

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