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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fabric Painting...

These are some of the fabric painting designs that I have created. It took me a week to complete them on a cotton sample of 10"x10". I have even posted some of the motifs so that you can try them at home :)

Materials Used:

  • Fabric Painting Brushes 0, 00,1,4,5,and 6.
  • Fabric Colours - Black, Shimmer Black, Maroon, Terracotta, Sparkling Navy Blue, Metallic Gold, Pearl Gold, White, Pearl White,Mauve, Metallic Copper, Deep Green, Gold Powder, Silver Power, Pearl Silver, Prussian Blue, Golden Yellow, Magenta.
  • Medium Binder.
  • Mixing Tray.
  • Rough Cloth.

1) Flat Brushing

2) Outline

3) Dry Brushing

4) Dots

4) Borders and Shading

I hope you will enjoy painting these motifs.. do give me a feedback about your experience!!

Love, Surabhi 

*Refrences:, Embroidery by Nirmala C. Mistry, Barbie Leo Mattel

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