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How To Make Your Own Stitched Saree!! - Ambiance Kreators.

Front View
Back View

Side View


Step by Step guide on how to take measurements for a Ready made Saree

Step 1: Get a Friend to Help you and measure over your undergarments.

FULL BODY HEIGHT - Stand with your feet slightly apart and your back to a wall. Measure from the floor to the top of your head. ex:- 5.3", 5.7"

Step 2: Waist - Measure your waist :- 29, 30 , 26 , 21 in Inches.

Step 3: FULL HIP - Measure over an undergarment over the point where your hips protrude the most. Measure around the fullest part of your hips, keeping the tape parallel to the floor.  ex:- 39.00, 40.00

Step 4: WAIST TO FLOOR (Wearing position) - Hold the tape at the waist (point where you normally wear pants). Measure downwards to the heel. - In order to stitch the Saree according to your body height and waist take the measurement from where you would like to wear the Saree - Like in the Pictures shown below K1, K2 or K3.

K1- On the Waist
K2 - One Inch Below the Waist

K3- One Inch below the navel

Step 5:  HEELS - If you want to wear the Saree with heels, include the height of your heels.

Once you have taken these measurements you can easily get your Saree stitched by your tailor according to your body and height measurements. All you have to do is get it altered according to your height and waist and then Stitch it like a ordinary Skirt. You can also get a customised In-skirt made or you can opt for a lining instead of it. Stitched Saree's are a Revolution and only take 2 minutes to Wear!!. You can Dance, Run, Walk but you won't trip over. I got my Lehenga Saree stitched for my birthday at my boutique "Ambiance Kreators" it was the best decision I ever made. I purchased this Lehenga Saree from unfinished and unstitched.

It took me 1 HOUR to do my Make up and Hair and only 2 Minutes to wear the Saree and Blouse :). The Blouse was Stitched as "A Backless Padded Blouse". It was extremely comfortable to wear this blouse and was absolutely hassle free. No need to wear a clear strapless or transparent/clear back bra's.


I hope that this little article helped and you were able to understand how Stitched Saree's are made? and how convenient they are to wear!! 

Boutique Website: Ambiance Kreators

Love Surabhi

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