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Monday, April 30, 2012

How To Make Your Own Stitched Saree!! - Ambiance Kreators.

Front View
Back View

Side View


Step by Step guide on how to take measurements for a Ready made Saree

Step 1: Get a Friend to Help you and measure over your undergarments.

FULL BODY HEIGHT - Stand with your feet slightly apart and your back to a wall. Measure from the floor to the top of your head. ex:- 5.3", 5.7"

Step 2: Waist - Measure your waist :- 29, 30 , 26 , 21 in Inches.

Step 3: FULL HIP - Measure over an undergarment over the point where your hips protrude the most. Measure around the fullest part of your hips, keeping the tape parallel to the floor.  ex:- 39.00, 40.00

Step 4: WAIST TO FLOOR (Wearing position) - Hold the tape at the waist (point where you normally wear pants). Measure downwards to the heel. - In order to stitch the Saree according to your body height and waist take the measurement from where you would like to wear the Saree - Like in the Pictures shown below K1, K2 or K3.

K1- On the Waist
K2 - One Inch Below the Waist

K3- One Inch below the navel

Step 5:  HEELS - If you want to wear the Saree with heels, include the height of your heels.

Once you have taken these measurements you can easily get your Saree stitched by your tailor according to your body and height measurements. All you have to do is get it altered according to your height and waist and then Stitch it like a ordinary Skirt. You can also get a customised In-skirt made or you can opt for a lining instead of it. Stitched Saree's are a Revolution and only take 2 minutes to Wear!!. You can Dance, Run, Walk but you won't trip over. I got my Lehenga Saree stitched for my birthday at my boutique "Ambiance Kreators" it was the best decision I ever made. I purchased this Lehenga Saree from unfinished and unstitched.

It took me 1 HOUR to do my Make up and Hair and only 2 Minutes to wear the Saree and Blouse :). The Blouse was Stitched as "A Backless Padded Blouse". It was extremely comfortable to wear this blouse and was absolutely hassle free. No need to wear a clear strapless or transparent/clear back bra's.


I hope that this little article helped and you were able to understand how Stitched Saree's are made? and how convenient they are to wear!! 

Boutique Website: Ambiance Kreators

Love Surabhi

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Life Begins at 30!- Happy Birthday To Me!!

Just In case you like these hairdo - It's is called the half moon bun - ages back to the 16th century Victorian era.......
Yeah, go backless!! :)

28th April ...Yes, Today my Birthday!!!.. and I can't believe it... I have walked into 30's today!!!... seems only yesterday I was 20 something...funny thing about aging is when you are young you want grow older and faster... and once you get older you want to go back to childhood again :) lol... however I want to walk into motherhood this year...Yup, I am planning to become a mother this year and I pray to god to help me conceive a healthy baby by the year end. Yes, that's my wish for this Birthday.... :)

Last night we all had a celebration..A Pre-Birthday bash and I wore this lovely Saree that my husband gifted me!!... :) , It was a fun evening with family .....

I Just love this Saree..It is so Colourful!!

What I Am Wearing?

Base -Seba Med Clear face Clear Gel PH 5.5.
           Too Faced Primed and Poreless- face primer
           Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation
           Mac Skinfinish Natural loose powder in Medium.
Concealer - Inglot concealer#62 (peach), concealer#60(green)
Eyes -Too Faced Shadow Insurance - Eyeshadow primer
           Mac Superslick eyeliner in Black.
           Mac Nylon as a Highlighter.
           Inglot# P 450 dupe for Mac Cranberry.
Lips - Inglot Freedom Pallette Lipstick #27
           Colorbar longstay lipgloss to seal the lipstick.
Cheeks - Mac Semi Precious Cheek Powder - Feeling Flushed.

A Very Happy Birthday To All the Beautiful People Around the World Who Were Born Today!!!!! May all your dreams come true...atleast the good ones :)

And Today's Birthday Forecast Is.....I don't know!!!... Why do you even care????...Just Enjoy the Day :))

More pictures:

Second birthday cake!! :)
Birthday Kiss for the Birthday Girl..
                                               Evidence the nose does not disappear - it bends ....

All smiles...

Women and Wine get better with Age!! ...I totally agree....


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dreamzone School Of Fashion Design - CADD Centre

Information About Dreamzone  School Of Fashion Design - CADD Centre

Many people have been suggesting that I should have joined a better school and keep posting me on this article. So, for the kind information of so called advisors who keep posting me please read this...

Let me Introduce a little bit more about Dreamzone. Dreamzone is an extended sister concern of CADD Centre. CADD Centre is a leader in engineering systems from the last 25 Years. I have seen students from NIFT, INIFD, IIFT, Fashionista, Pearl Academy and Fashion Polytechnic students joining CADD Centre - Dreamzone to learn CAD - Coreldraw, Photoshop, Reach Fashion studio and Reach Cad - Pattern Making Software. CADD Centre- Dreamzone is the only one in India offering Reach Programs. The Faculty of Dreamzone Includes Graduates from NIFT, IIFT , INIFD and so on and only they have set up the curriculum of dreamzone with the combined education they have received at one of the best fashion institutes in the country.

So, I get learn from their  combined experiences and education they have received at NIFT, IIFT, INIFD, Pearl etc..

DreamZone is a creative skill development initiative of CADD Centre, Asia’s largest network of CAD training centres. Founded in 2005, DreamZone currently has 56 centres across major Indian cities including Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai.

Placing importance to the teaching methodology of “experiential learning”, DreamZone runs School of Interior Design, School of Animation, and School of Fashion Design that collectively offer about 50 courses – from PG Diploma to Master Diploma to Foundation programmes – that suit student’s unique time and skill needs. DreamZone is an education member of Institute of Indian Interior Designers, icograda, and IDA.

Dreamzone is also affiliated to Punjab Technical University from where you will  be awarded a B.SC OR M.SC degree according to your chosen course of study.

Dreamzone Website:

About CADD Centre

  • CADD Centre has been the first choice for leading international and national brands in transforming their design vision into reality.
  • With  accumulated expertise in serving several types of industries, they quickly identify your design and engineering requirements.
  • The solutions they suggest will not just help you create high quality products but also improve your productivity.
  • Drawing strength from the wealth of knowledge they have acquired, they can share the industry best practices with you to create a positive impact that can change the way you do business.
  • You do not buy a product from CADD Centre; You invest in a relationship for growth & prosperity.

CADD Centre has been meeting design requirements by partnering several leading suppliers from the most sophisticated A0, A3/A4 size state-of-the-art printers, scanners and multi function systems in 2D and 3D.

CADD Centre is reputed for its strong all round technical expertise, efficient support and customer care. It holds the most dominant brand in the design industry and enjoys the maximum mind share amongst its customers. With presence in over 600 districts across India delivering 95% uptime for customers through engineers who have rich field experience and product knowledge, CADD Centre enjoys a very high customer delight rating of 94%. Their engineers undergo 7800 hours of training every year. They are trained and certified at local and international locations by highly experienced product specialists.

CADD Centres offers CAD in Civil, Mechanical, Architecture, Interior, Animation and Fashion Design.


I am sure this a sufficient introduction to dreamzone - CADD Centre. So, please do not advise me about any other schools because I know what is best for me :)

DreamZone add 

CADD Centre Add

Dreamzone Vibes 360 degress Fashion Show at Chennai Trade Centre in 2013

Dreamzone Vibes 360' Degrees Fashion Show At NIFT Chennai in 2011


My Experience in the first month at Dreamzone:

It's been a Month since I joined my Master's in Fashion Design at Dream zone and it has been an experience to remember and I will remember these days all my life. Designing is not a Kid's job it is "Real Hard Work" for "Real Men and Women" and let me tell you that it everything but not easy. You really need to have an artistic talent to make this happen!

In the first month of fashion design I learnt some really interesting things and that took me straight back in time of my kindergarten days  "Playing with colours" and how beautiful and mysterious colours can be Making colour wheel with poster colours was very interesting!! Colour Wheels Answers the Question- How are Colours Made?...It was very amazing to find that 6 primary colours Red, Blue,Green,Yellow,White &Black can give you 108 tints and shades (Light and Dark). Just one drop of White or Black changes the tints and shade of the colour.

Add a drop of Black to Yellow = you get Lemon Green :)
Mix one drop of Red to Yellow= you get Tan Shade
Mix two drops of Yellow to Blue = you get Turquoise Green

How Interesting!!!.........

Other things that I learned except painting?...Yeah!! Block Figures, Fleshing and Sketching!!...all the basic things fashion design is made of. You can see some of my work in the pictures.

If you are wondering why I am blogging less?.. this is why,  I have been too busy studying designing as it requires a lot time and dedication and only by hard work and determination you can excel in this field and another reason - I was really sick this month :( - cough, cold and fever. I never felt this weak in years.....
god help me!! :)

But yes, I am recovering and feeling better day by day. The weather is very unpredictable here in India these days. April is meant to be a Hot Month however there has been a major fluctuation in temperature this time and sometimes it hot, it rains and just now theirs dust storm ..therefore lot of people are falling sick.. it's bound to happen!! people are facing breathing and wheezing issues...  :(  and my best wishes to all those people around who are sick...GET WELL SOON!!

Here's some of my work ---


I am sure that I will be able to do better in future!!

*References: ,

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April is Cruelty Prevention Month!!

April is Cruelty Prevention Month.. So Go Orange!!...Every Year ASPCA urges people around the world to celebrate the month of April as Cruelty Prevention Month and support ASPCA for their efforts against animal cruelty, go orange. ASPCA will be celebrating throughout the month for the victories acheived in the fight against cruelty to animals and urges people around the world to support them in their cause.

official website:

How Can We Contribute?

  1. Blog, Post, Share on Facebook or any social networking that April is Animal Cruelty Prevention Month.
  2. Feed Homeless Dogs or Cats in your neighbourhood get them vacinated or treated if you see any animals nearby your house in pain.
  3. Donate to PETA India, or ASPCA for the welfare of animals and so that they can protect animals in danger.
  4. Contact your nearest Animal rescue center if you see any animal in pain or being hit by a car or human, don't be scared to report the incident.
  5. Adopt homeless dogs or cats from nearby your house or any pet shelter give them a home and get a companion for life!!
  6. If you already have a Pet take a care of it. Play with them as they also feel lonely.
  7. Use a Flea or a Tick treatment make sure that your dog or cat is free from any infestation.
  8. Give them a bath -- its really really hot. I am sure your pet will love it!!
  9. Make sure that their collar is not to tight.
  10. Get involved -- Volunteer -- Join your local animal care centre. Show that you Care!
  11. Buy Cruelty free Products and Cosmetics. Fight against Animal Testing.

IF YOU SEE ANY ANIMAL IS IMMINENT DANGER CONTACT PETA.india please call their emergency number – (0) 98201 22602.

My Dog Sohrab
Handsome as ever!!
Enjoying on the Couch!!

Hi, My Name is Sohrab A.K.A. Maddog Tannen as Surabhi and Anirudh nicknamed me. I am a Black Labrador, I am very naughty and playful. I love to eat and I am very greedy about food, I will puke all the food out but I won't stop eating. In the morning I eat eggs, milk and bread. I don't like to eat the bread by myself so my family members feed me by hand. They sometimes complain that I have royal habits but I can't help it. My family loves me a lot they give me pretty nice things to eat like, curd, chicken, paneer,biscuits and sometimes I dig into halwa...

I broke the dining table and ate dad's cashbook and porsche design glasses but everybody still loves me. I tease the neighbourhood dogs and make them go furious that's just one of my hobbies. I love to play ball, catch and hide and seek. I have been vaccinated and taken to doctor regulary but somehow I just can't stop being naughty!

Bye Bye (Woof) (Woof)

I am sure you must enjoyed Sohrab's introduction. He is one of the most naughtiest dogs I ever had. Infact I can vouch for it that he is a menace just like the dog in the movie "Marley and Me". He even ran away with my necklace once, I was so scared that he would gulp it down, I had run around the house to retrieve it back from him. I was lucky that he did not swallow it down otherwise I would been standing with pipe to clean his poo next morning!! :)

He is Naughty and a Beautiful dog and We all love him. Have you loved your Dog or Cat today????

Love them Show that you care!
Love Surabhi

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